10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Hair Wraps

10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Hair Wraps

Hello There!
Today I thought I will share some of the coolest hair wrap I have seen. These are kind of a summer thing that people do. However some of us like to keep them all through out the year, one can also say that they never take them off.

Therefore just to be clear I am not talking about the hair wrap that are used as a band. I am very much talking about the strands hair wraps that are made with threads most of the time. Nevertheless people like to wear these hair wraps with dread locks or even on straight hair. Some also like to mix it up a bit with a few dread locks and a few hair wraps.

Nevertheless lets take a quick look on the cutest hair wrap around .. Enjoy!


Most of the time you don’t have to worry to get your hair straightened. Hair wraps are often worn casual. On wavy hair they look absolutely cute and you will have that care free – Summer lovin’ – Summer vibe look.


Yes, that’s right! They look even cuter in a hair bun!


Having an under hair wrap. It is very cool, you can style your hair in a messy bun an leave the under hair wrap down as seen. Creates a cute hippie look.And the hair color and the hair wrap color are very nice and matches great.


Love the hair color ! Although one needs to be extra careful when dying their hair. Therefore you can wrap your hair wrap in plastic so that it will not stain with hair dye. It may seem like a lot of work but it’s easy once you wrap it in stretch and seal plastic wrap.
And the result will look very cool as so anyway.


Of course blondes can do it too! Certain colors like orange, brown / camel and black will suit more blondes due to the light hair color.


Some cute colors that stick out on brunettes.


Some colors that will look really good on blondes.


These hair wraps can have a cute little touch just by designing with beads and small thin braids.


And as one can see there are different sizes too. From thick to thin.


They sure do give a summery look, Don’t you agree?

How To Do A Hair Wrap :

  • Get a small section of where you want the hair wrap to be and put the rest in a ponytail.
  • Make a small braid and secure with an elastic when done.
  • Get some desirable threads.
  • Make a knot at the beginning of the braid (on top, near the roots) to secure the thread with the hair.
  • Start wrapping the thread with the braid til you reach the end.

You can change the color of the thread along the way.
One can also add a few attachments as a decoration like beads or so.
You can have someone to do it for you if you’d like in your local area.

Such hair wraps can also be done on kids.
Hair wraps are done with no heat.


Hello! I am a hair stylist. I love my job but I also love to blog. So on my website I will be giving you a few hair tip that you should consider to follow and also some fun DIYS.