It had been tough trying to figure out ways to style your hair, being able to wear the face mask without tangling and ruining the hairstyle. Trust us we know. Today we will be sharing a few adorable hairstyles you can try at home. They are definitely worth the time. As no hair will be in your face. Let us get into 10 ways to style with your lockdown hair

Dutch Braids

First up we have the dutch braids. Dutch braid are not as easy at first, until you get the hang of them. They are very practical for summer. Dutch braids can last for a week if you take care and secure them well. One can also try to spice up this look with kanekalons. Best to secure this look tightly is to use some gel or mousse before braiding and some strong hairspray after you are done. Common trend that is going on at the moment is designing weaves with the dutch braids. Moreover you will have a dutch braid with weave.

African Cornrows

are done by small sections of braids. Your whole head would be covered in secured tight curls. If done well cornrows can last for months and months. For great security and tight braids one can use a sculpting wax or gel. All of the braids are secured with a tiny elastic band, make sure to secure with more then one, thus they break very easily. Cornrows can also be done with some colorful kanekalons.


These are most familiar with hippies. Dreadlocks can be done in a very clean way. Moreover there are ways to remove them as well if one would want to. Dreads are done by gels , waxes ,mousse and all the sticky products one can think of. They are done by twisting until you will end up with a head full of knotted pieces. If done well they can last for years. Moreover there are many south African dreadlocks styles one can try styling with.

These is a very cultural look so before trying this out we would like you to take in consideration to read this. Nevertheless both dreads and cornrows can also be spiced up with a fun look including kanekalons.

Valentino Bubble Ponytail

This can easily be done with some wax. However it will need a touch up daily. As the bubbles in the ponytail will frizz and loose shape if you sleep on them. However this has to be the easiest hairstyle yet.


These are very simple to make, your mama probably has been styling them for you when u were a kid. By dividing your hair in two and making a bun on each side. Preferably one shall use gel and hairspray for security. One can decorate these cute buns with some paper cup cake holder. There you have , little cute cup cake hair buns.

10 Ways To Style With Your Lockdown Hair

Ariana Grande Ponytail

Another easy hairstyle. Adjust you ponytail as high as possible and secure it with an elastic band. With a small strand of hair cover that elastic band. One can decide for themselves if you want to use extensions like Ariana or not. As long and you use hairspray to secure the hair out of your face you are fine. If you are not comfortable using any extensions or find it hard to do this style on a wig, there are Ariana grande ponytail wigs you can try. Much more comfortable to attach and use.

Donut bun

A donut bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to do. It may look hard to achieve, but really and truly its the best. Thus its flexible ways to achieve it. If you find yourself asking “Where to buy donut bun maker from?” Here is your answer- One can achieve a donut bun by using either a professional donut bun or a sock cut from the front. First make sure to style a ponytail , then insert the donot in. Spread the ponytail all over the donut and secure with one elasgoc band. (No twisting for security is needed) you can twist/braid or simply hide the ends of the ponytail. Secure with another elastic when done and some bobby pins. To keep this style in place some firm hairspray is recommended. Also if you would like you can decorate with a braided band, flower, or clips.

Go Short .. Cause Why Not?

You can always go short, and in our defense this may be the best time for cutting your hair short. We usually recommend going short in winter so that in summer one can pull up their hair whenever they feel hot.  By keeping the hair short one will be avoiding from the hair getting all tangled up with the elastic string of the mask. So what short hair cuts shall I go to ? You may ask.

Miley Cyrus Short Haircut

This is a very comfortable, casual look. Perfect as a lock down haircut. The cut is styled very short from the nape area and longer on the crown area and front. Keeping it perfect from not tangling with the mask elastic on the back and sides. People with straight hair will love this look, there will no need for long hour styling simply wash and go. Same goes for people with  curly hair with the extra timing to add some mouse or curl cream. Nevertheless if you have frizzy hair you can always try keratin and it will be great on this typical haircut. As it will be cheaper and a faster service. Thus to the short length. If you have a few waves the keratin treatment can be done for you to keep your waves as well. Not all keratin treatments will completely straighten your hair. As they are meant to eliminate the frizz.

10 Ways To Style With Your Lockdown Hair
LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 19: Singer Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


This is a pretty cool hair cut. Very common with grungy teens. This only requires a shaven nape area and the further you  shave is up to you. However the idea is to have only underneath shaven. The sides will still remain long, therefore you will still struggle with tangling, however not as musch especially if you style in a messy bun.  This hair cut can also be spiced up with some art with the razor it self.

10 Ways To Style With Your Lockdown Hair

Shave head

Are you brave enough? If you have been wondering if you shall or shall not to this JUST DO SO <3 !  This will be great for you. Besides the fact of helping you being comfortable while wearing the mask it will also boost your confidence and self esteem.  You can also give your hair for people who really needed, leaving  you looking great both by looks and by kindness.  Some may find it better to wear a lot of make up with this look but that is totally up to you, it is not nessiccery. Our advice is to enhance your natural beauty.  Besides if you really end up hating it there is always extensions or wigs you can use. Nevertheless we will highly suggest you try this look it is risky , will make you feel and look like a different person and you will also grow a little by achieving as something as small as shaving your head.  It may seem a real big deal to us women, but is it really ?

10 Ways To Style With Your Lockdown Hair

Well these were the most common hair cuts and hairstyles you can try on your lock down during quarantine so that you will win more time and comfort when styling your hair and wearing your mask. Till next time ;-)!