Do you ever see an extremely awkward or outstanding hairstyle, and think to yourself, “but how did we end up here?”
Older generations will blame it on the parenting skills. Some generations will comment with “The world we live in has changed.” However, really and truly the world we live in has not changes. And the parenting skills does not count to a whole generation of these bizarre hairstyles. The older generation had their own extremely weird hairstyles to comment at. It was always a thing that people get bored of the norm and style with a shocking style. So let us have a look through 100 years of bizarre hairstyles.


Now we are all familiar that a bob was very common in the 1920’s, however some people really took it to a scary level. Some found it attractive in those days, but I am sure that most find it funny now. The bizarre look of this era was still a bob, however it was an extremely short bob, which goes by the name of severe bob. One must say that it took a lot of courage for women to cut their hair that length. As we all love our long length, even though we crave short styles sometimes.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


In this era, it was the men who got fed up of the same normal hairstyle. However they ended up styling a bit differently. The style they went with was called “the conk.” Where men with full hair used to flatten it hard with the scalp. This was only possible with the help of extreme use of gel. Especially for the men with very thick hair. However for some men, gel did not do the trick, therefore they ended up straightening their hair. Using chemicals such as a relaxer.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


The time during world war 2 was not easy for anyone. However this historical bizarre hairstyle have it’s story. Which makes us so grateful, and also shall give you positive perspectives. Women in this era used to style their hair in what is called “The victory rolls” Most believe that it got it’s name because, women used to wake up every morning and see the day as another victory. In another meaning one can say a victory of survival. These women were going through hell like the rest of the country. However they wore something everyday to be grateful for their life, even though it was not easy. This thought can help most of us when are having a bad day. However bad you are feeling there is no way, that you are going through what they did, even though one may feel like so. However be grateful , style yourself and live the coming days.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


This is another era for the men. Some say that men became very obsessed with their look at this era. However that is so not true. Men had their own styles and some used to even carry combs with them. Especially in this era. This is called the pompadour look. It was inspired by Elvis Presley. This is the style where men used to gel and comb their hair from both sides, but leave a curl up front. Personally this look was very attractive in that era. Do you think it will ever return after 70 years? This hairstyle was even worn by John Travolta on Grease when he played as Danny Zuko. In fact most men on the show had the same hairstyle.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


The higher it is the better! That is how they used to think in the 60’s. In this era the beehive was the look of the year. We must say, it does leave a look , and it looks very formal and neat. However I do not think that it is a look that will make it anytime soon. It was a very stiff look. If this returns you will not get blown away by the wind for sure ha-ha. This hairstyle was created by a Chicago hairstylist Margaret Vinci. It was first styled as an up-style. Meaning it was meant for formal occasions. However it got liked so much that it got worn for much more then just special occasions.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


The black race took the volume hairstyle of the beehive to another level. Black race have beautiful thick and curly hair, it can be styled into an enchanting look. Yes it takes a lot of work but it is absolutely worth it. Since they have a lot of hair they worked the Afro hairstyle look best. in the 1960’s it used to be the higher the better, whereas in the 70’s it is now, the puffier the better!
We personally would not imagine this hairstyle coming back anytime soon, most people now look for a way to get rid of the frizz not enhance it. However they did make it work pretty good in those times.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


This is the most bizarre era of the most bizarre hairstyles. There was so much going on in the 80’s. Women used to color their hair in various colors while wearing bright clothing. Rockers and punks are seen everywhere. I don’t know, however we think that it would have been way to bright of an era for us. ha-ha. So let us talk about the men in this era. Men decided to do something extremely different with their hair in this era.

They were so not having it with the short hair looks any longer. Nevertheless they decided to style with a “Metal Hair” look. Where the longer the hair is the better. They also designed with a bandana on their forehead, which made them look both fashionable and tough. The bandana trend on guys took another go about a year ago, however guys this time decided to keep their hair shorter. This famous hairstyle was worn by the famous John Stamos On Full House when he plays the character of Jesse Katsopolis.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


Another era, where the black race were grateful for their hair , more then ever. This time for the men, Men used to style their hair with very high volume and puffy style. However it looked so smoothly done. The style took a form of a box, and it was meant to be flat from the top. We have to say that for a puffy thick textured hair, this has got to be the smoothest ever seen in history. This style went by the name of “high flat top.”

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


Our favorite era, and it gets us so nostalgic too. This is the “Emo” hair era. Where everybody used to style their hair in puffy side bang, volume at the crown area and styled as extremely straight if possible. Some colored extensions would enhance the look more. Guys also used to wear this hairstyle. Some even got permanent straightening and styles their hair with a side puffy bang. In fact Justin Bieber was one of the people who rocked this look. Whereas Avril Lavigne Rocked the female version of this look.

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Even though the “Emo” look was fading away, women still styled with a very edgy look. Something that most of us here did not have the courage to do. Women used to shave one side of their hair, leaving the rest as straight or wavy. Celebrities like Rihanna used to rock this look. Nevertheless those people who loved the shaved side look but could not get enough courage to shave their sides used to french braid in small braids. That was it would looked like shaved from far, and cute stylish from close.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles
100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles


Braids have been in this era for quite sometime now, it started from end 2018 actually. However French braids have been changing through the years. Nobody can seem to let go of them , Let us be real they are very comfortable. Especially for summer. Nevertheless french braids have been styled in many ways, at a point it became the more you have the merrier. Some has styled as cornrows, even the white race have been styling in cornrows. They are that liked ;-)! Nevertheless at this point we are at the stage of, the wider and puffier the braid is the prettier it looks. It gets worn even in events such as beach weddings and so.

100 Years Of Bizarre Hairstyles