Was hair dye always a thing ? Well probably not not in the beginning of time at least. We will start here with the era of the 1920’s ending with today’s hair dye outcomes. Which I promise you there will be a very noticeable change -haha! So keep reading further to see for yourself when the hair dye actually started.


As we know many hairstyles and hair trends get inspired by celebrities. Even in the 1920’s, this is exactly what happened. Famous actress by the name of Louise Brooks had Jet Black hair color. In fact this was the preferred color of those years. One must say that in this era women were forbidden to dye their hair, in fact most women didn’t dye it or if they did they did in secrecy. Nevertheless women still dyed their hair jet black even though for people with dark brown hair was much easier than for the lighter hair women.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


The era of the icy white blonde which most women still crave to this very day. We call it Platinum Blonde. Actress Jean Harlow managed to turn the whole world with her magnificent color. Sooner or later women in America were too styling the same hair dye and style as her.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


The time of the unfortunate events. World war two. Women had to keep it as low as possible at these times. Nobody had the money to go to the salons, and even if they did salons were not opening obviously during the war. Because of this women had to go back to the darker shades, especially if they were originally brunettes. Therefore darker colors were back in. Since the Lovely Ava Gardner was the iconic star at that moment, people styled their hair as naturally medium brown. The same as the icon.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


The pin up girls era. And we are all familiar with Marilyn Monroe. Well thanks to her, the platinum blonde was back on the market. And people were dying their hair as light as can be. Fun fact is that Marilyn used to dye her hair every three weeks (The norm within today as well) However She used to use baby powder until it is time to dye it again. Baby powder is another form of dry shampoo. However in today’s day if you do not work baby powder well into the roots, it will definitely show on camera. Due to the High Definitions. This era was were women can have fun with hair dye and be experimental. How so ? Well the spray on hair dye was in, and for blonde women this was the times of their lives. As we all know that one can do almost anything on blonde hair. With the washable spray – ons women were coloring their hair from platinum blondes to a hot red head.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


We cant ignore the fact that Audrey Hepburn was a pure natural beauty. She used to turn heads when she had naturally brown hair and even more when she edged it up a bit with some highlights. Her hairstyle got first noticed in one of her starring movies, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. This was the time were there was no brunettes and blondes when you can be both. Nevertheless this was also the time when the first highlight kit for home got launched.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


The highlighting trend is still going on, there’s is much one needs to experiment with highlights. We still experiment with highlights till this very day even though it started in the 60’s. This trend is still very popular today especially in summer. They call it frosting. Where you highlight your hair light enough that it gives you the sun kissed hair style. In the 70’s many more women were now comfortable with coloring their hair. Therefore it is becoming more comfortable even with society.


The colorful generation that turned so not colorful once they became our parents – haha ! Thanks to the 80’s we still experiment with colors in our hair til this very day. The 80’s was the era were they styled as a punk rock scene, this means they styled their hair either black with volume or colored with volume. By colored we mean Vibrant colors as pastel were not really in for the hair at that time. This inspiration came from bands such as Guns N Roses and more. Therefore wild colors and spikes were very in. Colorful Mullets were so in at this time. However we are very thankful that the colors happened but we can not say the same about the mullet. Thank Life that that’s over.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


Some more highlights happened in the 90’s. This time even bigger and chunkier, different thank the light ones that Audrey had. Celebrities like Jennifer Anniston used to highlight their hair. In fact some clients still do ask for her look in salons to specify the chunky highlight style. This look got inspired by the character she played of Rachel Green on the popular sitcom of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

100 Years Of Hair Dye


The Time were the ombre effect started and started rocketing towards the years. An ombre is still a type of a highlight technique. In fact you will end up having dark hair at the top and it gets lighter and lighter towards the ends. This look once again started in Hollywood and along the years it took over the whole world.


Thanks to risk taking celebs people started to color their hair a full head vibrant color just like the 80’s , a rainbow vibrant color full head but the popular one we can think of is the hit of Kylie Jenner’s hair when she dyes it black with a turquoise dip dye. This era was very commonly know for the dip dyes. That thankfully did not come back in trend as they grew into more ombres and balayages, which are MUCH better and professionally made.

100 Years Of Hair Dye


And we come in to today’s era. Where full head colors are still going on full on. However as we said in previous posts this era is more on pastel colors at the moment. However there was this time in the beginning of the years were emerald green made a hit. Nevertheless Pastel pink and Rose gold found their way back again. We have to say that the most common colors in this era are definitely pastel colors but mostly on the pink — pastel pink and rose gold or even peachy color (Pink-orange pastel).

100 Years Of Hair Dye