In today’s blog we are going to be able to see that fashion does go around in circles. We are not saying that the same fashion has been going on for 100 years, however we like to have something in common with today’s fashion and the olden fashion. Let us have a look on the different styles of long hair.


Short hairstyles are the go to look of the decade. In those days a silent-film actor Mary Pickford was highly known for her long curly-styled hair. In fact the way she styled her hair helped her highly with her fame. However because of her style she got the roles of little girls only, that is when she decided to cut her hair short like the rest. With this decision she gets to star in her first talkie and wins an Oscar for it. Courage and bravery right here.


Just like what have started to happen from 2 years ago and is still going on at the moment, bobs in the 1930’s started getting longer to shoulder length. Therefore shoulder length was now in. However A Chinese – American actress Anna May Wong wears her hair long. Very long if we must say. A Hairstyles of the previous times. She often wears it in an up-do, therefore she was not commonly seen with her hair down. Nevertheless the key for her stunning up-do’s was her long hair.


It is time for the long glamour waves. But let us be real , this hairstyle never runs out of trend. It is always the hit return, and what all ladies will be craving after having their hair short for a long time. This hairstyle was only worn by the people who could wear it. Mostly Hollywood stars. Women working in factories in world war 2, wore hairstyles that are less dangerous, such as shorter hair or up styles. As long hair let down can easily distract a person or can even be of harm. Veronica Lake was one of the Hollywood stars that wore her hair long for shows. She was highly known for her Peekaboo hairstyle. This is also another hairstyle that us women love to have. At least a bit of it. Most women now a days also like to have that bit of a fringe in their front of their face, hiding a bit of their face.

100 Years Of Long Hair
Veronica Lake and her peekaboo look.


As time passes by the hair industry grew along, Now you can find more hair care products on the markets. Bettie Page, and American Model also known as the Queen of Pinups due her pin up shoot used to wear her hair down with a volume fringe in front. In the 1950’s got the first “sports a ponytail” Barbie doll, with the popular hairstyle at that time. This Barbie also included the volume bangs just like Bettie Page.


The long her now grows to be in the hippie industry trend. However the long straight pitch black hair is Cher’s signature look. She also wears blunt bangs with her beautiful hair. And since then, this hairstyle also never went out of style. In fact it is no longer the hippie look. We are not saying that hippies do not wear long hair, but its often seen boxed braided or in dreads. Ofcourse there are some who wear it straight , but it is not a must. The straight hair no a days it is the go to for everything. Such as :

  • Running late, quick straight hairstyle.
  • Don’t know what to style as – Straight hairstyle
  • Have been with a blow dry straight for a week but no time to wash it ? Leave it as it is and add some dry shampoo.

And if you are a total straight hair girl, but want to spicce it up a bit for new years – go with two curls at the sides. And that’s 2020 for you ;)!

100 Years Of Long Hair


This is the year where the Afro took a hit, and was commonly addressed with disco diva’s. It is because of stars like Diana Ross who made people with the mentality of adjusting an Afro look with a disco diva look. However you do see that back in those days other disco stars would wear their Afro hair in long curls. Many white people has been going back and forth to the salons to get a perm, for volume in their hair. As well known the white race do not have very course, curly hair. However this was the black’s race lucky year due to their hair. The black race is know for the coarse and lovely curls. So they rejected any chemical services, keeping their hair healthy away from all the chemicals. And flaunt their natural beautiful curls all the way. Up to last year curls started to take a turn again. But nothing beats the black race curls. Due to the quarantines and lock down at the moment , curls are also in, just because we have no choice of style. Nevertheless those who have straight hair style with a wash and go and all the curly hair people are styling with some mouse and curl creams.

100 Years Of Long Hair


The time of colors and more colors. The 80’s look was still long hair, but that was not it. The taller the hair the more you make an impression. This included more perms, side high ponytails and the famous mullets. Mullets were also very common on the male gender. This hairstyle is styles short on the front and sides and long at the back. Thank God the mullet days are over!

100 Years Of Long Hair


The 1990’s was the year for the black culture again. That is when start like Janet Jackson wore box braids. Box braiding then used to be styled mostly on long hair-length. And thanks to that length the hair could be styled in various ways. Such as pony tails or a high bun. These hairstyles are still seen till this very day. However now a days even the white race is wearing them.

100 Years Of Long Hair


And here we are :)! Our time of year. The year that carried on what the 80’s started by adding color. The 90’s continued what the 80’s started by adding color to their hair. Even if that meant extension streaks it still left us with a daring look. Singers like Avril Lavigne are often seen with this edgy hairstyle.

100 Years Of Long Hair


Where it all got real! Where there were no longer extension streaks. Go hard or go home as they say. This is the time of year where bleach took over for outstanding colors. Hair is commonly styled as beach waves on long hair. Nevertheless this is the style that is recognized by the mermaid look if you have colored hair and beach waves. However by the start of the bleaching a whole head, practical things such as long extensions and wigs took over. Which leaves the hair looking more healthy. In fact many pop singers such as Niki Minaj and Ariana Grande use such things for a better and healthier look.

100 Years Of Long Hair


These years women often cut their hair to a long bob. However most are growing their hair back and some are styling with extensions. As Ariana Grade’s hair is very common in fashion. Most women attach extensions to their hair and style it in a long pony tail. However long hair with waves at the end is also commonly styled. Nevertheless people often go to style their long or medium length hair into pastel colored balayages or ombres or even a full head pastel color.

100 Years Of Long Hair