13 Times Shay Mitchell Slayed The Internet Before And During Her Baby…

13 Times Shay Mitchell Slayed The Internet Before And During Her Baby…

Today I decided to do a blog about this cutie who is six months pregnant – about to be a mother. And I have got to be honest. She still slays! This is no one except for SHAY MITCHELL.

Shay Mitchell also known as Shannon Ashley Garcia Mitchell is commonly know for her part of Emily Fields on the popular show Pretty Little Liars’.
Her character was known to be as kind, loving, shy and very caring. If you never watched the show you should. As it might get a bit boring to a point I must admit. But the ending is brilliant and the story is quiet thought through. It not like one of those series that you can predict what s about to happen next.

Anyway lets get to Thirteen Amazing photos of Shay Mitchell, Where she managed to crack the internet PLUS looking good doing it.

That Lilac Glow

She wore a sophisticated blazer here, although her make up was spontaneously creative. Usually people have natural make up on blazers and suits but, Shay here wore something more outside the box I love how the make up artist kept the same color yet different shades of it. It’s very creative and simple. Seeing that her hair is still straight and simple. I simple love the work done here.

The Eyes Chico – The Eyes

Messy hair don’t care ! She looks lovely anyway. That includes the beauty in her eyes! Ah , This picture is brilliant. Very simple yet the highlights and shadows on her face make her beautiful green eyes pop and shine. Love it !

Hey Shay Is That You?

Indeed it is! – very casual with shades on and looks very natural.
Simple, sporty and cute!

Blue Hair , Don’t Care

It’s not her style at all, but must I say, I wouldn’t mind it if it was as all. Must I encourage it? Ha ha.
I love the dark but not pitch black eye make up. Lashes are Da – BoMb! And Lips are looking perky and yet with a natural color. – Well Done Shay, Well Done!

Funny Shay also joked about this picture ; See what she had to say :

Ready to film my music video. Just need a song. And a vocal coach. And a record label… //what should her name be?!

…Blue Panda?
Messy Hair Is Probably Her Look

This sounds odd I Know. But take a look, she often does photo-shoots with messy hair, and it looks great! It gives her a naughty, sexy look. I Love it.
I like her outfit in this picture – Black And White
Therefore it also makes the shape of her body pop more. Which is great since she has a nice toned shape. I mean look at those thighs! Impressive.

A World Of A Dark Shay

This is Amazing – The creativity in this picture is not much seen but I will explain it shortly. This picture is meant to be dark. And with the dark lightning, dark clothing and Shay’s dark complexion, this picture was a Win. There are still shades of colors here but based on dark.
Brown; Shays Complexion and Hair – Two different shades.
Black ; Clothing – Dark and chiffon, shadows and lightning.
Grey and Blue – The colors one can see out the window and from her chiffon.

A+ to creativity.

Cute Shay And Her Sense Of Humor.

Apparently she spent the weekend babysitting this cute baby here, but things didn’t go out as planned. This is what she had to say about her weekend:

My weekend was great! How was yours?!
sorryifyouhaventhaddinneryet #eardrumsareblown #dontaskaboutmyhair

Her sarcasm just cracked us up! I’m sure she laughed about this later on. And To be honest I think she looks cute with her hair like that. Not sure what is happening but for babysitting reasons – Cute!
The Time Where She Let The World Know She Is Pregnant

Yes you heard right ! Shes waiting on a beautiful baby just like her! No we don’t know who the father is, but who cares? She’s glowing in beauty – Even while pregnant!
This picture screams Natural, I love everything about it, From The nudity of a mother to be ( There are a lot of deep meaning to it but I will not get into details )
She simplicity of her hair , nothing that can hide the beauty in her face.
Just those earnings to add on to her shine.

Orange Is The New Shay

Orange suits this girl quite nice. She looks like she is having fun in the sun.
Look what funny thing she had to say about this picture:

ME when production tells you that your call time is 8am instead of 2am 💃🏻 but hey, life’s a beach!

Oh Shay! We All Get You !
Let’s Be Active!

To be honest this lady is always on the move and always active, just have a look at her Instagram. She is nothing but humor, fun and sports, I think she’s living the right way.

Flawless Shay

Does Everybody look that good when laying down?

Hi Shay!

Now why would you wanna try and hide that face?
Love this black and white picture of her. Her eyes are shining , and her cheekbones are popping. It is beautiful! Looks very casual too – Very Shay.
See what she had to say about this picture :

When you try to tell tour friend to stop texting her ex but she had one too many tequila ❌ ✋ 🛑

Haven’t we all been through this ? Ha Ha
Lady In White

Yes Shay White Still Suits you. Actually suits you even more ! I Love her baby bump and the motherly look she has in this picture. With those classy sun glasses, classic red lips and golden earrings. Never looked better!

We have seen this women grow in an intelligent, smart lady. And She is slaying her way to motherhood. Wishing you nothing but the best of luck and strength, Dear Shay.

Sincerely your biggest fans and us here at Queens To Style.


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