Hello pretty readers. Welcome back to another hair care review. This time specifically on anti dandruff hacks and hair growth hacks We know that many of us believe instantly what we see on the internet thinking it will be beneficial, even though we know we shall read more into it. Sometimes when we are desperate for something to happen we don’t even try to think twice. We just go for it. While we were browsing through 5-minutes craft videos, we came across some hair care routines. Some were very interesting , some were handy – but some got us question , do they really work? In fact we spent a whole week testing out a specific method that it did not quite make sense. However we gave it a try anyway. We will show you some 5 minutes craft recipes and methods that they used, and later on we will be showing the same method we did following their steps.

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We have combined their two videos together here of 5 Minute craft hair hacks. Moreover will be starting off with the onion juice and after that we will be discussing the baker yeast method.

Onion Juice – Anti Dandruff Hacks

5-minutes crafts are showing a woman with a dandruff problem, so to fix that she mixes a recipe for onion juice. This is true and correct. Even the way they have explained it is on point. Most people will suggest for you to use onion for hair growth, but preferably not as onion is a natural antibiotic.(We wrote a post explaining everything about onion juice) If one would like a hair growth booster, the ideal method will be rice water. Rice water can be done in three different ways, so it is very handy. Beside rice water one must be eating healthy and beneficial food. Such as meat, eggs, oranges and so on.

These will help thank to their beneficial vitamins such as zinc,vitamin D, C , Z and so on. Such vitamins have a huge impact on hair growth. Nevertheless in their recipe they put in : Onion juice, coconut oil and Burdock oil. We understand that the main needed ingredient is the onion juice, and we understand that the coconut is added due to the onions. Onions may cause tingling, rash or redness and to those with sensitive scalp may be too much, hence the coconut oil. That leaves us with one question – Why Burdock oil?
Burdock oil has the same benefits as the coconut oil. We really did not understand why they are using both, but fo future references, you can either choose one or the other. They both work against dandruff , itchiness and sensitivity.

Tip: Coconut Oil Can Be A 5 minute craft how to take out lice. By applying coconut oil to your scalp you will be preventing from lice. This also works with burdock oil.

5 Minute Craft Hair Growth Hacks

To us this whole method looked like a scam from the beginning – Sorry. Moreover let us get this straight, If you have such hair problems when brushing, you will not turn to something home made. Yes you can use the home made method aside if your doctor allows it, but if such amount of hair is falling you will be checking if you have any patches not if you have any baker’s yeast in the kitchen cabinet, and turn to medical shampoos and a doctor immediately. This is of course if you brush your hair daily and suddenly will be brushing a handful amount.

What Is Their 5 Minute Craft Hair Hack ?

We came to another conclusion why one can have such handful of hair when brushing. Not everyone brushed their hair daily, and that is okay to a point. You shall not let your hair knot , because obviously you will end up breaking it to get rid of the knots which is not healthy. However it is acceptable to people with wavy or curly hair as once they brush they end up with a ball of hair , covering their face. Therefore people who do not brush their hair daily will end up with a handful of hair after a week. Completely normal, because we loose up to 70-100 hairs per day. No need to be shocked, our scalp is always producing hair.

Which bring us back to their method again, they decide to handle this situation with a fast hair growth hacks (which more looks like un-brushed hair rather thinning hair problems) using : Baker’s yeast, hot water , honey , oil ,vodka and egg yolk. Now below will be listed the benefits of these ingredients on the hair. Actually some do make sense, but other’s will make you question “why?”

..Fast Hair Growth Hacks – 5 Minute Craft Recipes

  1. Baker’s Yeast : Has a high content of vitamin B and the folic acid and the amino acid will help with shine in your hair while fight against hair loss.
  2. Hot Water : It is common sense that hot water damages things. Try putting a vegetable in hot water and see how it changed texture. Same with the hair, actually on the hair is worse because the hair is a fragile thing. In fact when you are stressing or have a massive shock the first thing to get it will be the hair. Therefore using hot water on the hair will slightly damage it. One shall preferably use cool or cold water on the scalp and hair.
  3. Honey : A source that helps with the moisture and shine – This is a very nutritious ingredients, both for it to be applied to the hair and also to eat.
  4. Oil : Has a high touch with improving dry scalp, which sometimes may be the cause of hair loss and also automatically fights against hair loss.
  5. Vodka : Helps against product build up, but it also dry out the scalp and hair. The reason of why such ingredients shall be avoid from when buying local shampoos and 5-minute crafts are promoting it?! And how are you using honey and oil for moisture then yet use vodka that does the opposite?
  6. Egg Yolk : Specifically, this ingredient is meant to be used on dry brittle hair. Especially a bad case of dry ends, it is meant to moisturize damaged hair.

As You Can See Their 5 Minute Craft Hair Spray Included;

Three out of six ingredients that are used to promote moisture , two out of six ingredients are used to fight against hair loss and another two are completely useless. Some good ideas on how to take care of hair loss, would have been the onion juice it self, beneficial natural food (Less preserves, more natural) , rice water ( although it is more of a booster not a medical home-made remedy,) and of course these are only used as a side thing as the main used subject shall always be the recommended shampoos that your doctor recommends.

As for product build up removal they mentioned vodka – again why? they could have suggested baking soda or even mint. They both have a way of working to remove product build up. In fact most of the home-,made no-poo shampoos are made of baking soda for a reason. Let us take a look of us following their methods and our results.

Following 5 – Minutes Crafts Methods

There you have it all the ingredients followed. And here are the results of seven days straight. (The smell of the baker’s yeast for a whole week in my hair was so not pleasing)

As one can notice the parting stayed the same, no hair grew what so ever. What did happen though, when I first applied this experiment was this : I brushed my hair before applying the source, once I applied it, I brushed my hair again and for some reason more hair was on the brush with the source then without. This only happened this one time though. Which was a bit weird.

I got to two conclusion however, to why the 5-minute’s method worked and my same exact method did not. Try part your hair to your original parting and check the hair their, then find another parting that you never use and check the hair their. The less used parting will have more hair on it. Which makes sense because it is less used, the one with less products on it and so on. Therefore we all made our thinking here at queenstostyle and that could be reason number one. Reason number two can be :

One can clearly see that the after picture is very different than the before. Unreal even. You will not notice this on the first watch in fact it took us a lot of watched to realize this. The after picture seems to be air brushed. It is impossible to have your hair parting not showing at all. If it is showing it is normal, very normal.

Videos like these can lead to people thinking they are having hair loss just cause their hair parting is slightly showing. The marks of airbrushing are really clear once you look into it. If it not air brushing it is a root concealer which people use to cover their grey hair, however it looks more 3D so we ought to think that it is edit with Photoshop. So if you were asking yourself “do fast hair growth hacks work?” We are sorry to disappoint. In this case it does not.

There you have it, Step by step evidence and conclusion to how why 5-minute craft methods only work on them. Please be careful on what to read and what to believe and also make your own research before applying something to you skin or hair scalp. Some ingredients that you may not be aware of can be very dangerous. Moreover take a look on more then just one article to confirm and be sure.