People do not often know that they are breaking their hair while washing in, or while having it all wet. You don’t even know it, but let us show you some stuff you shall avoid doing on wet hair and the reason why.

Pulling Hair Up

When you decide to pull your hair in a bun or a pony tail while is wet, you are creating friction with the hair. Which will end up creating split ends and you end up damaging your hair without even knowing. We suggest that if you can, let it down to dry naturally, use a hair claw clip, banana clip/ clincher comb clip or at least a bobble instead of an Elastic hair band. This will help you take care of your hair more.

Recommended brushes to use :

Using The Wrong Brush

When it comes to brushing your hair, try to use a good hair brush. Preferably a detangle brush, these brushes are softer on the hair and the hair is handles with much care. Just one touch and knots are gone. When using an old brush you will be going at a knot for ages, just because hair brushes are alwasy advancing. So try to keep up with a new and improved brush for the sake of your hair.

Recommended brushes to use :

Blow – Dries

Never blow dry your hair on 100% wet hair. You will be going over and over till its try and up and down till it smooth-ens and on forever till it is straight. Frankly that is not a good idea. Nevertheless what you got to do is apply some leave – in conditioner for heat protection first, then dry your hair up to 70% , when that is done you can start smoothing and blowing section by section.

Brushing Out Knots

When brushing out knots, usually people wait till their hair is wet by wetting it with a spray bottle or while showering. When brushing your hair on wet hair its more likley to get tangled just by movement. Wet hair tangles more. Nevertheless brushing your hair on dry hair with the right brush will make your life much easier. However if you have a stubborn knot , use some leave in conditioner or de-tangle spray, or if you are about to shower, comb it while with a mask or conditioner. For stubborn knots or for when with conditioner, it is best to use a comb instead of a brush. As the comb will help you more with your knots. Also the comb will have excessive conditioner on it when done. This makes it easier to re use instead to go to waste.

Recommended brushes to use :

Brushing In General

When brushing your hair you do not have to brush it viciously just to get it in place. No. Simply be kind to your hair and it will be kind to you. Start from the tips working yourself to the top, every time you brush. Also when drying your hair with a towel, never rub your hair in a towel aggressively. To be fair it is best to never dry your hair with a towel due to friction. Friction will create split end and damage to the hair. What we like to do here is wrap our hair in the towel without rubbing ever. The towel wil absorb the water. Therefore after a few minutes the towel shall be removed and we let our hair to dry naturally. You should try it, it will make your lives much easier.

Hot Tools

Never use a hot tool directly on wet hair. You will hear a certain sound which will automatically tell you to stop doing what you are doing. When using hot tools one must dry their hair 100% first. Nevertheless for better results, dry the hair up to 70% Blow dry it curly or straight depending on what goal you are wishing to achieve. Then simply go over it with a hot tool. If you are using a curling iron for curly hair goals go with a curly blow dry. However if you are going with a straightening iron for straight hair goals go with a straight blow dry. Also make sure to use a leave in conditioner for heat protection.

Sleeping With Wet Hair

It is not the most unforgivable thing you can do, however it can be avoided. You can use a satin pillow case to help you do less damage when sleeping with wet hair. However if you do not own one try to blow it out first before going to bed, as it will create friction and split ends and more damage. However we know it is not always possible and sometimes you will be in a hurry to sleep or having that lazy mood, nevertheless those one offs are not a problem. But then again try to avoid this procedure.

Ther you have it. Six items and procedures you shall avoid using on wet hair. Try to take care of your hair at it may not seem like it but the hair is very fragile, indeed.