6 – Ways That Ukrainian Hairstyles Are A Living Art

6 – Ways That Ukrainian Hairstyles Are A Living Art

Greetings to all the Ukrainian ladies reading this! So I have been seeing some amazing hairstyle while in Ukraine, and I have got to share that it is their own, unique style which looks incredibly pretty. I especially love how they have got some hairstyles that they can call their own – cultural theirs – typical Ukrainian style.

Big Messy Braid

A simple braid starting from the crown of the hair. It leave a wonderful effect once it is un-tightened a bit. As Ukrainians love to style with braids that are a bit bulky.

Yulia Tymoshenko Style

This gorgeous politician has her own signature style. however many Ukrainian ladies love to style the same look. It is very easy to do. Braid a classic braid staring from the nape area. Tie it and make it go round forming a hair band with your own hair. Dont forget to start with the parting area.

A Double Braid

Styling two braids with parting in the middle. Just like Kim kardashian’s but a bit different. Secure the braids with a hair tie and pin them in wards so you hide the tail of the braid. One can also style a small flat bun instead.

Ukrainian Beauty Look

When there is Ukrainian there is flowers, when there are flowers, there is beauty.

Ukrainians have a traditional passion to style with flowers. Of course you will not see this in the everyday routine. But it is their think to have flowers in their hair or clothing.The hair can be either let down or in braids, but will have either flower clips or flower hair band. I find this a beautiful thing. As I love traditional hairstyles and I also love flowers. So personally this is a perfect combination.

Ukrainian Wedding Look

I tought I would put in a sneak peak of what a Ukrainian wedding hair will look like. Again a very simple braid yet so out of this world with its bulkiness and flower attachments. I find this as a very enchanting look.

If one will come to Ukraine he will not find these hairstyles on a daily basis. What I mean is these people have lives , they work and they have a routine like every other personin the world. Therefore they will be styled as dolls. (however they don’t really need much effort to look like dolls) You will find people wearing shorts and basic T-shirts with ponytails and buns, you will also find tucked in braids. (This is in Summer)

If you go to the center of Ukraine you will be able to find much more bulkiness and traditional looks. You may also find a cute grandma wearing a soviet scarf :


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