7 Ways Head Lice Are Transmitted

7 Ways Head Lice Are Transmitted

Head Lice are the most annoying thing a scalp can go through. A scalp will always feel dirty as the scalp will be itching none stop.

Lice can easily be treated with medical shampoo and with leave in conditioner. One has to use a comb with the leave – in as to remove the lice one by one.

An infestation transmits easily, this is because a female louse will bait twice a day and t will bait a minimum of four eggs also known as nits. Nits will show as a small white flake, they can easily be confused with dandruff. The only difference s that a dandruff will easily be removed by the tips of the fingers, as for nits they will be very hard to remove sa they get too attached with the hair shaft.

So lets get into on how lice are easily transmitted.

Hats and scarves

One can get invested by head lice by wearing another person’s who is going through this infestation hat and scarves. Also by wearing hats, one can be creating a warm place for lice to stay, as they all will be searching for warmth to live in and bait in.

Brushes And Comb

If one uses a brush or comb on an invested scalp, the lice will stay on the comb and brushes bristles. As the lice don’t know how to fly , hop or swim. There for they grip with their eight claws. And they grip on the bristles.

Hair Accesories

As head lice and nits can be with the nape area, when wearing hair accessories , nits can easily get attached to the loops as they are very tiny.


As head phones are close to the scalp area nits and lice can easily attach to the headphones

Pillows , Upholstery And Towels

As one will rest their head on either a pillow an upholstery or towels this will create an infestation very easily to have head lice transmitted to them

Therefore when using these kind of hair accessories , things that one wears on the neck, ears and head, also things like towels , bed sheets etc.. Must be washed with hot water to get rid of the infestation. Make sure to visit a doctor so that he can recommend a good medical shampoo to get rid of the head lice.


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