How To Tie A Headscarf

How To Tie A Headscarf

I bet anybody would like to ace the knowledge on how to tie a head scarf . Head scarves are the perfect thing for Summer ladies. It is the perfect UV protector one can wear after sun blocks and hair sun protectors.

In this article we will be showing how to tie a head scarf. As there are so many different ways one can wear a head scarf, the more you cover from the head and hair the better. So lets get into some styles that anyone can style with.

The Bow

This is very cute , stylish , comfortable and very casual look. There is no need to fold the scarf in half or anything.

  • Get a head scarf
  • Start the wrap from the back of the head
  • Bring the two “string” forward
  • Tie a big beautiful bow
  • Mess it up a bit from behind, so it will not look so still and stiff.

The Pirate Look

How To Tie A Headscarf

Ah, this is adorable. You might need a small scarf for this. And start by folding it in half , getting the left top corner to touch with the, right corner.

  • Repeat the step of folding if the scarf is still big
  • Now that you have a triangular scarf, put the pointy corner below keeping the straight part with your forehead
  • Tie a knot at the back to secure the scarf
  • Insert the pointy corner underneath the knot

The Flower

How To Tie A Headscarf

Very stylish and not hard to style, at all. You probably will need a long scarf for this one. No folding is required.

  • Starting at the back of the head wrap the scarf and bring it forward
  • Secure the two string “strings” in a ponytail using a hair elastic
  • Twist the “ponytail” around forming a bun
  • Secure again with another hair elastic
  • start pulling out pieces and do some last finishing touches to form yourself a pretty flower

Voluminously Pretty

This is very stylish, although one will be neeeding lot of volume to be working with here. Other than that it is quite easy.

  • Twist your hair into a big bun
  • Get a medium length scarf
  • Start wrapping from front
  • Working yourself to the back
  • Twist the strings way in an opposite direction
  • Bring them forward and tuck them in somewhere.
  • You can use some bobby-pins for security if you would like (optional)

Simplicity Of A Head Scarf

This is ultra cute and stylish. Therefore all you need for it is a simple head scarf in a form if a strand. No need for big head scarves.

  • Start by making a braid. There is no need to complete it all u can secure once you have done half of it
  • Get a scarf and start wrapping from front. Working your way at the back
  • Make a one twist knot behind the braid
  • Get the scarf upfront the braid and make another knot

Simple Coverage

This style is like wrapping your neck in a scarf when you feel cold. Doesn’t need much effort , yet it still manages to look stylish.

  • Get a long scarf
  • Put it on your head
  • Pick a side
  • Wrap it to the other side

Yes it is just that simple!

Another Volume Look

How To Tie A Headscarf

Extremely gorgeous! However the wrapping of the scarf shall not take a lot of work to do. All you need for this is A lot of hair and a long scarf.

  • Twist your hair in a big bun
  • Get a long scarf
  • Start twisting from the back of the head
  • Work yourself to the front
  • And simply twist into two tight knots
  • Tuck in some excessive scarf tips that can be seen
  • And Tuck in the middle (where you have the bun starting) to create some movement

Always Better In Colors

I love her scarf so colorful and adds so much style just by that.

  • Get a medium length scarf
  • Start wrapping from the back without twisting
  • When you work your self at the front, pick a side
  • Twist just the strand and take it to the other side
  • Secure with some bobby-pins
  • And do the same exact thing with the other side – Twist and Pin

Turbine Look

How To Tie A Headscarf

So natural and flawless. Lets get into this look,. However before we start you will be needing a long scarf.

  • Put the scarf in your head covering every inch
  • Take the strands at the back
  • Make a twist along their directions. (If left strand was going left, its destination shall be seen on the right side.
  • When working your way upfront make sure that you have started twisting from the back.
  • Keep twisting until there is nothing to twist anymore.
  • Tuck some excessive scarf tips underneath

How fun does that look? And it is so effortless , simple wt very effective.

Nevertheless some if these styles can actually make you look good and protect you from the sun. Bonus I must say!


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