Long Bob With African Braids – Women 2020

Long Bob With African Braids  – Women 2020

A long bob is usually seen as straight or curly, as very short or medium length. However did you ever get to see it styled with African braids? I have got to say it is pretty cool! Lets take a look on few of the styles.

I will first be explaining how one is suppose to cut a long bob.

  • Get something as straight as a pole so that one can easily align with it.
  • Get a shaver and shave the back with the alignment
  • OR cut with the alignment using scissors

Once you have done this at the back and its straight and neat you may work by hands for the front. Simply continue with where u left off only start by slightly cutting diagonal and increase the angle till you reach the front. Do the same on the other side. Feel free to layer if you must, Otherwise if there is no reason for blending the hair, layering is not really necessary.

How to do the African braids:

  • Start by sectioning the hair in half
  • Always start from the bottom
  • Section the bottom section into multiple thin to medium sections
  • Apply gel
  • Continue by braiding as tight as possible
  • Repeat till you reach the top of the head

Parting is not always necessary, finish with some hairspray if you please.

Lets get into the inspiring pictures now – :

Here we have the most classical look if a long bob with African braids. The parting is taken from before the stylist finishes braiding so that every braid will be in place and neat.

This one is styled without a parting for a reason. This model has a fringe and when the hair is styled without a parting the hair will be easier to find it’s natural way of style.

This long bob is on medium length. Here it shows exactly the work done on the long bob with braids. Although it is styled with braids, the underneath lining is still neat and on point.

Lastly we have another long bob on the medium length. It also styled with no parting so the hair would be free to move wherever. This is done by braiding tightly up front. As one can see the model put all if her hair on the left forming a cowlick.

Those were few if the best styled long bobs with African braids. Which one was your favorite?


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