Today we are going to grab a few questions from google about hair that people asks on a daily basis. Let’s have a look and learn something together while answering google questions about hair.

How Does Hair Grow ?

The hair bulb is like the a seed. It is planted in a follicle inside of your scalp and then the cells form in the hair shaft which then pushes up and out of the scalp. Therefore that is how hair grows, made up of keratin, and it’s such a beautiful thing.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

We have a whole other article on this question.

How Does Hair Dye Work?

Hair dye comes in a lot of different forms. You’ll find permanent hair dye, temporary hair dye and a lot of different kinds and forms. But for today we will answer how the permanent hair dye works, since its the most common one used. Basically, small color molecules penetrate to the hair cuticle ( The outer side layer of the hair) and goes into the cortex of the hair (The thickest hair layer.) When this happens , a chemical reaction is done with the melanin in the hair (pigment cells) in order to deposit that pigment into the cortex. The process is about 30-40 minutes. The process is when the hair is lifted it then deposits the color into the cortex.

How Does Hair Turn Grey ?

Basically while we grow older our pigments cells start to die bit by bit. This doesn’t only happen to the hair of course, as it happens also to the skin. We start to loose color by time. However, technically since grey hair is a loss of melanin, the hair turns very light, most likely transparent. however it reflects grey through the light it picks up and by the hair’s behind it, it shows up as grey. But really and truly a solid grey hair is not really in existence or if it is it is not that common at all.

When Does Hair Grows?

Hair grows all of the time, morning , evening , night, whenever in your day.

When Does Hair Loss Start ?

Hair loss can happen for different reasons. It can be stress, chemotherapy, genetics, hair pulling disorder, tension alopecia. However if you were looking to a specific time in your life, This can happen literally anytime after puberty.

When Does Hair Stop Growing?

Hair never stops growing and in fact one can choose what to eat to help the hair grow faster. Due to vitamins but however it will never stop growing unless you are suffering from something from the question above.

When Does Hair Fall Out ?

We are loosing hair literally every day. As we loose hair up to 70- 100 per day. Which is very normal. You are not going bald as you have so many hairs on you scalp. Remember you are not loosing strands but you are loosing hair. which is the thinnest bit. And this happens every minute. While you’re brushing your hair, you see on your brush that you pulled some hair , while sleeping , turning and tossing you pulled some more, while showering and washing your hair, pulling some more. Which is absolutely fine, cause new ones has already started growing before you pulled those hair. Those hairs got pulled easily because it was time for them to fall anyway and they were the weakest ones.

Why Does Hair Get Greasy?

First thing’s first is that your hair never gets greasy, it’s your scalp that does. In your scalp you have this gland called sebaceous gland which produces oils to re-hydrate our hair and keep it healthy. Nevertheless the oil is there as a protection to your hair. However some of us seems to overly produce oils due to different factors. Such as unhealthy eating, smoking, washing your hair too much, playing with your hair often or getting too many head massages. The oils gets to the rest of the hair because it moves through your hair shaft and make it look really greasy all over. However if you have greasy scalp and your are brushing your hair often, this does not help either as your are moving it all over and the next day you are going to do the same procedure and the system repeats itself.

When Does Hair Color Expire?

It can last one to two years after it is opened and three years if it is not opened yet.
However always read the instructions to make sure of this as not all brands are the same.

When Does Hair Color Stop Changing?

Normally we loose our baby hair by the age of three and the hair keeps on darkening until the age of five. However this lasts until puberty of course, and the hair starts making changes with the rest of the body. And well after that you kind of have what you get after puberty. Until we start getting old and hair changes color again due to loss of pigments. However sunlight will effect your hair color often especially if you live in a sunny country. Some will notice this difference if one lives in a cold country and moves in a warm country with lots of heat and sunny weather.

How Does Hair Color Remover work?

This is a frequent question that we get asked a lot :

“Is it as same as bleach?”

And the Answer to that is No , not at all.

Hair color remover goes into the hair shaft breaks them into those large color molecules so after they’re broken down the particles become so small that they’re able to be washed out. However hair color removal only works on dyed hair. If you have natural dark brown hair, it won’t effect your hair. As there will be nothing else to remove.

Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Any Faster?

Technically no. It will make it grow healthier for sure. However it may seem to you that it is growing faster because it is actually growing instead of breaking. When hair is damaged and has very fragile ends, it will grow from the roots but it will end up breaking anyway. Nevertheless if you have healthy ends/ hair the ends will not be as fragile and you’re actually letting them help grow.

Does Cutting Your Hair Makes It Stronger?

Yes It does as the dead ends are not fragile anymore, seems more thicker and healthy. Therefore yes it does.

Does Cutting Hair Get Rid Of Your Lice?

Some maybe, but unless you are completely determined to shave your head, if not then no.

Does Hair Color Fade?

Yes all hair colors actually fade by time.

Does Brown Hair Color Covers Red?

Depends what kind of brown. Red is a very stubborn color. However if you choose a brown with a bit of ash in it, will definitely remove the red bit by bit as green tones removes red tones. Nevertheless ash has green tones.

Does Brown Hair Dye Wash Out?

If you are using toners also known as temporary colors yes it will definitely wash out. However it will not wash out if its permanent hair color.

Does Blonde Hair Fade?

Technically no as blonde is the lightest there is, however the pigments will change often if you stop taking care of it. It will change with pollution, chlorine, sea salt and frequent washing. It will never get darker however it will change possibly to orange, green or yellow.

Does Blonde Hair Gets Less Greasy?

The amount of grease that your scalp produces will stay the same. However blonde hair may make the hair look dryer, therefore the grease in the hair will show less. This happens especially when there is bleach involved. The hair will absorb the grease that is coming from the scalp therefore the hair won’t look as greasy as it shall.

How Will I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

This is a very frequent asked question and it is so simple yet so hard to be done by 3/4 of the human in America. Be Healthy, Have a good lifestyle, Eat Healthy, Eat real food as much as possible. Fresh Food, Drink Water. Give your hair a nice trim every 3 – 4 months to grow it healthy.