Avoid Ruining Your Hair By The Daily Routine

Avoid Ruining Your Hair By The Daily Routine


In the above video we can watch Jojo Siwa doing her daily hair routine. It is very important to have a hair care routine. However one have to be extra careful in changing styles and i will explain why further more.

We chose to show this video of Jojo because she has been styling with the same hair style for years. One can notice that her hairline is does not look symmetrical. As on the left side it is higher then the right side. This happens because She has been styling her hair with a side ponytail for long that the hair keeps on stretching and stretching until it breaks from the front. This happens because it gets pulled of due to the daily pulling and tightening.

While we are sharing this with you, we are going to share some more tips to help you avoid this situation.

  • Try not to use hairsprays and waxes on daily bases as they have a hard surface and lots more hairs get pulled rather than the ones we are suppose to change on daily basis.
  • Never sleep with styling products in your hair. Try to wash the hair before going to bed. So you avoid friction and hair damage through products.
  • Change your hairstyles so that the hair wont get so stressed.

Lately lots of women and girls have been styling their hair with the French plaits. Also known as Kim Kardashian’s hair braids. Most style it at their hairdresser and sleep it it for a week. This consists mousse or gels and a lot of hairsprays. Which are not very healthy.
Now we are not suggesting to keep away from this hairstyle, but do not do it as often to avoid pulling hairs.

What we are trying to say is a hairspray a day keeps the hairline away.


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