All You Need To Know When Having A Balayage – Summer Hair

All You Need To Know When Having A Balayage – Summer Hair

It’s that time of the year again, spring! Where everything blooms and people want change. You are probably scrolling through your Facebook and google pictures on if you should or should not go lighter, well I say go for it! But be careful to treat your hair regularly and if u have thin hair go for a few lights.
Hair Advice For Balayage Hair:

Don’t over do things you hair can’t handle because you will immediately regret it.  Do that balayage hair and treat your hair twice a week. Don’t over do it with the curling iron or blow dries. Try to find a style that you can go a week with. (if the style requires heat.)

For example if your curl doesn’t hold longer than a day don’t go for it. Go for a straight look and maybe just curl the top part to create that flipped back curl. If your hair handles curls then do them once a week only.

A Balayage has a tendency to loose it color, So for that reason make sure to tone it every time there is the need to it. Use purple shampoos and conditioners if necessary to try and keep the desired balayage color that you wanted in the first place.


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