Bleach Hair Fail – Emily Lauren

Bleach Hair Fail – Emily Lauren

This girl decided to bleach hair hair for a different look, together with her sister here.
She had bought the bleach , the brush, a bow, a plastic cover so that she picks up hair one by one to prevent touching the roots. A 20 volume peroxide for the toner. Which is not needed. Toners shall be mixed with 10 volume peroxide and lower amount of peroxide. Otherwise it turns to be semi-dye permanent not toner. She also used 30 volume for the bleach. As this was also not needed because her hair is not that dark and with 20 volume would have been enough.

Warning :

This is a thing everyone shall know and even though it may seem obvious to most it is not obvious enough. NEVER SNIFF BLEACH. It is very dangerous it is a chemically treated service when bleaching hair and it is burning your hair while processing, let alone smelling it. It is very dangerous to smell chemicals.

Technique :

A good technique that she has done while bleaching hair blonde is that she started from the ends. Which is good and she continued on to her roots. This is not a very common thing people do when bleaching hair at home. Nevertheless this is why we keep on asking people to seek professional help or at least observe the services being done in a hair salon. So that the job is done right.

Difference Between Purple Shampoo And Toner :

Her hair changed colors quickly because that is what bleaching hair blonde does. She also says that she bought purple shampoo and toner just in case the purple shampoo doesn’t do anything.
So.. the toner is there to tone down the orange/ yellow/ green tints. Not everyone has the same pigment when bleaching, so the toner is suppose to be chosen accordingly. However the purple shampoo will definitely do something. But it is usually used to help the toner stay longer and yes also to fight orange pigments. However a toner is still a must to do at least once every month. As the toner is a much stronger solution than the shampoo.
It also depends on how strong the orange or other color pigments are. If it is slightly orange one can fix it with a purple shampoo but if not a toner is needed.

After Bleaching Hair Blonde :

The hair is normal to be tangled as bleach is all chemicals and thins the hair. Especially when it is not conditioned. Now her hair is more of a yellow color and she says that the toner did nothing. She never says what color toner she bought. As I said before it is useless to use a peroxide that is high for a toner. Cause you will only get it to dark that little bit.

The toner shall have purple pigments so that it can tone down the yellow pigment as these two colors work against each other. The bleach did not come the same on everywhere and this is because she previously had her hair dyed. And in some places her hair was virgin. That is why the bleach in some places processed as white because the hair was virgin. Therefore could not strip any colors. As for where it was pink she either had brown hair or red hair and bleach stripped the brown leaving red pigments. As the red pigments are very hard to get through. (aka very hard to strip off)

Fixing Pigments :

Her grandma decided to bleach also the roots which did not really matter that much if she does or doesn’t. We would have preferred if she left them a bit darker as it is very trendy. Rather than ending up with very light roots. However she picked the darker parts and re bleached them for a shorter amount of time to try to even out the color. The toner she used looks to be purple and it actually did tone a bit. However we don’t think that it was a very god toner or otherwise the mixture was not mixed well. Because the toner usually processes instantly.

She finally decides to dye her hair and dyes to roots darker and left a bit at the ends lighter. She also put in a well needed treatment. The final color suits her A lot but it is nowhere near the blonde color that she wanted.


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