After watching the video above you are probably wondering ” But how?”

Yes indeed she managed to get a satisfying look of an amazing shade of blue. We will explain step by step how she managed to slay this look.

She started of by bleaching her hair. However she started with the roots which that was a mistake. As one can see after she washed off the bleach is that the roots are much more lighter than the rest of the hair (mid lengths to ends) This is because the roots processes much faster as the scalp produces heat and the roots are closer to the scalp.

Yes , We know we have said it many times , but it can never be enough times.
Nevertheless her hair turned a bit brassy -- orange to yellow. There was a possibility that her hair could turn green. As blue and yellow make green, and if you will have yellow pigments in the hair and you are going to color with a blue tone you can indeed get a green color.

You are now probably wondering why the girl in the video didn’t get any green in her hair.
She used a violet toner and a blue toner and the violet toner takes care of the yellow pigments. Therefore the purple tamed down the yellow while the blue tamed down the orange. As these colors work opposite each other. In fact her ending result was beautiful!

The only thing we did not agree with her doing was when she pre-toned her hair. There was no difference what so ever and she did not really have to do it if she was using two colors to tone anyway. Her midnight blue outcome came out brilliantly and would have came brilliant anyway without the pre-toning.

The way she bleached her hair was not very technical. In fact she had left a patch. However this will not be as noticeable because the blue she chose is a quite dark blue, and it is barely noticeable.

How Did She Manage To Get The Perfect Blue?
  • First of all she managed to dye her hair from dark brown to blonde to blue with no trouble because the tone she chose is dark. If she chose a lighter tone there would have been a problem because the hair had a lot of red/orange pigments. Nevertheless for lighter tones the hair needs to be white.
  • Secondly due to the color being dark and mixing with two colors that work opposite the pigments she had in her hair she was taming down and evening out colors. She could have worked easily and we guess that with that selection of colors she kind of got lucky.
  • Lastly when mixing a tone with another tone it will create a more outstanding look. It can be to tone out or it can be to mix for fun. The outcome will be better than having one solid color… Always.