Styling With Braids On Very Short Hair - Hair Trend

Styling With Many Braids On Short Hair – Hair Trend

Braids in hair

Ever had those bad hair days? where baby hair kept on showing from literally everywhere? you gel one and another pops…
Unfortunately we all have been thorough that. Here is a style where you can still look cute and neat. The solution is simple just style with braids in hair.

Simply divide your hair in half horizontally and put the hair below in a pony tail so it won’t get mixed. from the crown area divide the hair in 3 sections and start braiding one by one. Secure it with a transparent elastic band on half way. Simply remove the pony tail from below and blend in the “Ponytails” from the braids with the hair from below.

 I suggest using gel before start braiding so you won’t have any fly aways.