So many colors have been going around these years, at a point we had black hair which was very popular to do, and infact you still find it around, it is still common. Then there were the multi vibrant colors, when the whole world decided to turn into individual rainbows. Those were great times. We also head the pastel colors, where the rainbows were fading and turning into lovely unicorns.

However green color was never a common vibrant color. It is like people were scared to dye their hair green. For a fact they would probably say no when u ask for it immediately. Possibly distant you from going green by saying something “Oh no your hair will look molded” Aint that nice Lucy?

I Have managed to find two brilliant girls who dyes their hair green at home and nailed it. We will going through the procedure to see what and what not went wrong.

First Up We Have Stella Cini

Stella started off by having a grey color in her hair with a tinge of blue in it. Her roots are very light too. (You are always in luck when you have light natural hair) So she says that she have tried going green before but unfortunately have failed. She used Schwarzkopf back then, and her hair had turned out blue. This time is using Arctic Fox hair dye, however for just the ends. She is still using Schwarzkopf hair dye for her roots with a very light peroxide so that the roots will not lift for her at all.

Roots : Dark Blonde Emerald ( P 6-23 Igora) With 7% Developer.

After she covered her roots, she dyes the rest of the hair with Phantom
Green and just a tinge of Aqua Marine. The results are Spectacular. She actually manages to go the green she desired to be. Her roots also blended nicely. Nevertheless She pulls it off , no doubt!

Next Up We Have Jenna Nicki

Which is also looking for that forest green look. She starts of by having Light nice clean blonde with some pink at the top. She will also be using the Phantom Green from Arctic Fox, however she mix it up with a bit of Transylvania which is the black shade for Arctic Fox. She has already dyed her extensions with the Phantom Green on its own. However iit is not what she looks for and to say it is TOO Green. Especially if she is going green for the Christmas holidays. Doesn’t sound right does it? Unless you want to be helping Santa at the mall. She just started dying her roots with the same color. Which is fine, as it will all blend in because she has no general pigment working against her here.

Just a tip Jenna, when you say “it will always wash out right?” No honey it doesn’t. Green, Blue, Black And Red Never Wash Out.

The final look actually suited her so much. Se says she doesn’t dig it that much, it makes her look sick without any make up and so on. We cant really judge on that.What we can judge on is how she chose to look in front of the camera and that is Fantastic. She made it work great! Her roots are dark how they are suppose to be and the rest is flowing nicely with tinges of green and darker green shades. Amazing.