Which Is The Best Shampoo For Your Scalp And Hair Care?

Which Is The Best Shampoo For Your Scalp And Hair Care?

Lets take a look on how to take care of the hair with shampooing and cleaning:

Reasons for shampooing the hair:

  • To cleanse.
  • Clean hair makes you feel fresh.
  • Remove product build up.
  • Remove dirt and dead skin.
  • It also removes tint, bleaches and highlights.

Testing the water temperature:

Not having warm water adds shine to the hair and helps with the care of the hair.

Water temperature is very important to check. You don’t want to get burnt or frozen.
Make sure to check the water starting from cold, warming it bit by bit till it’s for the clients comfort. Best way to check water is by testing it on your wrist. Our wrist is much more sensitive then our hands.

If your are a client make sure to tell a stylist the if your uncomfortable with the water temperature.

Difference between hard and soft water.

Hard Water contains dissolves calcium and magnesium salts. These are the two things that produce scum when you wash your hands with soap.

With soft water the shampoo will leather up easily when you shampoo the hair.
Soft water leaves the hair with shine and the hair will be easier to comb out.


Shampoos are made from soap less detergents with various additives such as lemon, coconut, almond, Aloe Vera, honey, tea tree and so on.
The general types of shampoo are soap, shampoo and dry shampoo.
When out of dry shampoo one can use spirits. Just pour the spirit on to a cotton wool and rub on to the hair then rub clean cotton wool or a clean towel over the hair to remove the grease and dirt. Another method is; Using dry powders which are talcum powder, sprinkle them on hair then brush through, allowing them to absorb grease.

The PH of shampoo.

Pure water is neutral and will not open or close the cuticle scales.
Alkaline shampoo (PH above 7). Cuticle scales will open and cleanse very deep.
Acid balance shampoo ( PH below 7 ). Cuticle scales will open and cleanse.

Choosing the right shampoo:

  • Normal hair is recognized by:
  • Being neither dry or greasy
  • Not having permed or color treated
  • Holding its style well and has good elasticity.
  • Best shampoo for normal hair is a nourishing shampoo. nourishing shampoos are lightly with moisture and cleanses well.
  • Dry hair is recognized by:
  • Feeling brittle and dry.
  • Looking dull and rough.
  • Lacking moisture.
  • Best for dry hair are Coconut shampoos and Olives shampoos.
  • Greasy hair is recognized by:
  • The appearance of natural grease on scalp on daily basis.
  • Keep track of when the hair was washed last.
  • Best shampoos for greasy hair are : Lemon shampoo, Orange shampoo, and any Citric acid shampoos. For very greasy hair use detoxifying shampoo.

  • For color treated hair is best to use protein shampoos.
  • Dandruff effected best to use a medicated shampoo best with zinc or Anti- dandruff shampoo. This will lift skin flakes off the scalp but shall not be used for long periods of time. Use it for a few weeks to get rid of the dandruff, than revert to a mild shampoo.
  • For fine hair is best to use beer shampoos also known as volumizing shampoos.
  • Hair that just been tinted or bleached in a salon has to be acid balance shampoo PH 4.5- 5.5.
  • For hair with excessive hairspray and product build up use detoxifying shampoo and cleansing
  • For an infected scalp is best to use shampoos with tea tree oil. and for frequent shampoos is best to use Aloe Vera shampoos.

Care of the hair is a very important knowledge to know and these are basics knowledge that prevent from having serious damage further in life.


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