This Is Why Your Hair Color Is Fading So Quick – 2019

This Is Why Your Hair Color Is Fading So Quick – 2019

I get asked this question very often. Most of the time there will be no roots showing. Yet you can see the color fade as if you never had done it. Obviously it will be very high maintenance to go to a hair salon to redo your color every 2 weeks. And it’s not the healthiest thing you can do to your hair.

Vibrant colours.

If you dye your hair in vibrant colours, it is normal for the colour to fade quickly especially in summer. This is because we go to the beach and wet our hair, sweat more often due to summer’s heat, therefore our hair will get washed more than once to twice per week. However vibrant colours also tend to fade quicker because they are not a natural colour therefore like; browns and blondes.

Going Blonde.

However if you decide to dye your hair blonde using bleach, you have to be extra careful. Bleach is a strong chemical that when it is mixed with chlorine it has a tendency to turn greenish. If one decides to go blonde and has no other choice but to use bleach for the desired outcome. One has to treat his hair regularly and tone it often. Toners will help the colour not to turn orange. The hair will turn orange because there are red pigments in your hair. This will only show when the toner would have faded. Can you remove red pigments? Yes you can. It will take a long time since you have dark hair. (red pigments are mostly common in brown and black hair). Make sure to treat your hair very often if you decide to bleach your hair.

About Black Hair.

Earlier I mentioned that natural colours don’t fade, but I didn’t mention the colour black. This is because the colour black isn’t a natural colour. The darkest natural colour there is is dark brown. If you take a close look to someone who has very dark her you will notice the ends in a brown colour. Therefore you will see that the colour is really and truly dark brown.

If for example you colour your hair brown with a touch of red this will tend to fade aswell because of the un natural colour’s touch.

Porous Hair.

If this article isn’t comparable to what has happened to you, another reason could be that your hair is way too porous that it just won’t accept any dyes. In this case I would suggest for you to try a colour hold shampoo, conditioner and treatment to prevent from color fade.

  1. Step 1 being color hold shampoos(but if it will not clarify well shampoo twice)
  2. Step 2 the colour hold conditioner
  3. step 3 the colour hold sealer treatment

Or otherwise try using a colour hold shampoo (use once if necessary) and a colour hold treatment right after you rinse the shampoo.

Hair Toners.

If your hair isn’t porous but you still have a problem with color fade.I suggest you buy a toner and use it once per week at home. All toners come with instructions. Usually salons sell ones as conditioners or shampoos. If you buy a shampoo tone leave it for the time given and use conditioner afterwards. Although if were to use a normal shampoo as for the first wash, it can prevent from the toner to tone your hair. If you buy a conditioner toner there is not need to use a conditioner afterwards. BUT if the instructions say you must than do as the instructions require. If you are going to but a toning colour and peroxide make sure you use the correct ratio and obey all instructions otherwise it could lead to serious hair damage and breakage.


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