Creating Waves And Curls With Just A Straightening Iron

Creating Waves And Curls With Just A Straightening Iron

As far as we know , we usually start by doing a blow dry in a curly movement in order to achieve curls or waves. However, this can be done without a blow dry and you will have the same outcome using only a straightening iron. The only downside to this technique is that is more likely to be easier on fine hair. On the other hand the movement of the hair does not matter. Lets get into more details on how to start and how to achieve such accomplishment.

The Procedure To Achieve

  • Hair –
    Hair should be washed, conditioned and perfectly dried a hundred percent before proceeding with a flat iron.
  • Sections-
    Separate front and back areas with an irregular line and following the hair’s natural drop. The sections styled with the flat iron should always be clean and equal all over the head.
  • Flat Iron Position –
    Always work parallel to the section.
  • Size Of The Section –
    Section’s maximum shall be six X two cm.
  • Movement –
    Move the flat iron slowly and carefully

Flat Iron Movement

When one styles the hair using the straightening iron vertically, they will be achieving less volume and gaining more length.
Whilst when styling, using the iron horizontally, one is achieving more volume and gain less length. By less length, we mean that the length of the hair will look shorter due to the twist and bounce of the curl.
By keeping the iron diagonal, one will be keeping approximately the same length on a medium volume.


How will you know when you are giving volume to the hair with an iron? Well, let’s be clear, When styling curls there is always going to be volume as curls do give natural volume. What we will be explaining here is how to give more or less volume to the hair., by twisting upwards towards your right. This way one is creating no volume at all. However when twisting downwards on your left, you are creating volume.

One shall know that the way one works with a straightening iron also effects the achievement of the curl. Basically the more you twist the curls, the tighter the curls are. Below is shown the angels one must use to achieve certain movement and curls.

  • 180 degrees for moderate waves
  • 180 degrees with 90 degrees for stronger looking waves with softer edges. 180 degrees is used on the roots for volume, whilst working with 90 degrees on the rest of the hair for a soft outcome.
  • 360 degrees to obtain tight curls.


By sliding downwards the result is wavier and leaves no marks of the iron with the hair.
When sliding parallel to the floor the result of the wave will be tighter, but still considered as a wave.
Now, by sliding upwards the results are to be curly.

Creative options that one may consider to try when using a straightening iron are to lift from the roots for volume or to give fullness to the hair.
Lift only when : the aim is to achieve low volume waves and no change in hair length. Nevertheless this method will be perfect if the desired results is a very low volume wave.
Add fullness to the hair only when : What you are trying to accomplish is full volume and soft movement on the ends. There we say this is perfect for those people who love volume yet also love the light beach waves.

Open the curls when you are done styling using some serum for shine on the palm of your hands. With your fingers go through your hair and open uo the curls. One can also use a paddle brush or a comb to open up the curls nicely. Moreover all these methods will have different outcome, so our advice would be try some styles and play around with your hair and see what catches your eye the most. All styles will look gorgeous with no doubt. And the fun fact about this all is that no blow-drier has to be used. And you can simply do this at the comfort of your own home. Let us know what you think from your outcome. Post on our Reddit or Twitter your brilliant results.

How To Style The Perfect Curls On Short Length Hair

Ofcourse we can nt forget about the short hair lovers. Some may say that it’s harder to style curls on short hair and some may say it is easier. In our opinion none of the lengths are hard o style, it is all up to the method you are using that makes it easy or hard to do. Moreover let us hope that our method will help you style enchanting curls on your beautiful short hair to help it look more stylish.

How To Style Beautiful Curls On Short Hair:    Ah, these curls took over summer right?  can you blame?A very easy style to achieve and very cute

Using a curling iron, curl the hair. take opposite directions of the curl every new section you take. In the first picture is shown a tight curl. you can leave the hair like that or you can loose up the curl using some serum. comb trough with your fingers, to open up the curl. Both are nice, both are lovely.

That’s all it takes to achieve these curls on short hair.

Some Tips:

  1. Make sure to give your hair a quick blow-dry before, to maintain the frizz.
  2. If you have thin and fine hair make sure to pin curl your hair and remove the pins when you are about to go out. This way the curl stays longer. This also go for those girls who have  thick hair, due to the weight of the hair, the curl won’t be able to hold on it’s own.
  3. How To Manage Different Type Of Curls