That dilemma of keeping the hair long or cutting it lives with us women forever.
But you don’t have to cut your hair short to give yourself a different look. By simply cutting some layers will be enough for an awesome change, and can have the perfect cuts for long hair.

Short, Medium And Short Layers
cuts for long hair

Having long layers at the bottom, medium layers at mid-length and short layers at the top of the hair. This is a very soft yet very stylish and trendy look. I myself believe that this look can never go out of style. The multiple of different layers create different movements in the hair. I highly recommend to either blow dry it with a bit of movement ( in a straight kind of way ) or to get some styling mousse or curl creme and have a natural wavy layered look.

Long Layers At Crown Area
cuts for long hair

Having long layers at the crown area can have a more casual effect as a style. At this point this look looks better straight, so get yourself a styling brush and a blower and blow away the straight way.

V-Layered Haircut
cuts for long hair

This is a very beautiful classic look. Where the hair is infect layered but will look in a one length kind of look, where if you look closely it will form the letter ‘V’. This style is also best styled in a straight way, preferably no movement, just simple and straight as can be.

Full Head Layers
cuts for long hair

Make it look the same, Style it all with layers! This look will have an impact in movement, However it can both be styled at straight with some movement at the end or curls, in which it will create more of a bulky yet stylish look. This look may also give the impression of having longer hair than you really do.

Long Layers
cuts for long hair

Long layers can be the perfect haircut for those people who dont want to loose any length from their hair. Yes of course the hairstylist will cut a bit of hair for you to have this look, but the length will be very small to cut from. In fact this look seamlessly blend together as if it was the same length but yet you can see that it has some sort of layers included.

Long hair can be fun to experiment with and can be much more easy to style. You dont always have to blow dry. Remember not everyone can handle short hair so think twice before you cut it short,

  • Ask yourself :
  • Am I able to handle it?
  • Will I blowdry it daily/ style it daily ?
  • Is it me ?
  • Am I comfortable in short?

And If you think it will not be the best idea just remember that there are always cuts for long hair that you haven’t tried yet.