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One-Length Hair Cut

Today in aid of helping the world, We will be suggesting a few ways on how one can cut their own hair at home without messing it up. We know that most of the salons are closed and we also know that some of us are going insane. Nevertheless before getting in any further, we would like to add that this is not highly recommended, best is when having a hairstylist doing it for you due to the technique, knowledge and years of experience.  However if you think you are in serious need I wish you nothing but luck to accomplish what is coming for you.

We will be explaining and demonstrating how to give a one length hair cut.

First thing’s first , Do this on damp hair always. That way the hair is more elastic and can stretch more and there will be less possibility of doing unsolved mistakes. As for example if you have curly hair the curl will keep twisting and will make it difficult for you to cut in a straight line. There will be a possibility of cutting the hair uneven. 

Cutting Hair At Home
This way the hair is heavy with water. It will be easier to comb and cut when on damp rather on dry.

You have got to section your hair in half, start from the bottom working yourself up.  You will know which part you need to cut according to the strand. The strand of your hair shall start as thick from the root, but if you observe the ends it will get thinner. That is the part you need to cut, where it’s going thinner and thinner.

Going Through The Mid-Sections

One thing you shall know is that when one finishes the first section the rest of the sections shall be cut slightly slanting. Working depending on which side you are on. This is done so that the finishing outcome will look as neat. And will avoid having hair looking as a paintbrush. As long as your hair reaches above your shoulder and it is comfortable for you to cut above your shoulder, keep doing what you are doing following the line. The line that we started from at the very bottom. (The first section that was cut)

Bangs Section

As for the bangs area nobody cuts the same. As some has curtain bangs and others have side. Since this is a one length tutorial, I will be showing on how to achieve all types of bangs and even for those who don’t have any bangs. (This does not include layers / layering at all)

Curtain Bangs

Your bangs have grew just a little, So decide how much you want to cut (Usually our suggestion will be to follow your eyebrows) – So just a tinge above the eyebrows. 

Cutting Hair At Home
This is a demonstration of how one shall be cutting. Also this shows exactly the prefect length of a curtain bang.

If you are doing bangs for the first time Click Here : Cutting Curtain Bangs At Home.

Side Bangs

For side bangs all you have to do is figure out how short you wish to go, and follow accordingly. Keeping in mind that your fingers shall always be slanting. Start from the top and work yourself downwards to where the hair gets longer and blend in. Another tip is, Do not close the scissors all the way, this way it will blend nicely. And there will be no snappy, weird looking pieces.
If You will be going through this for the first time Click Here : Cutting Side Bangs At Home.

Cutting Hair At Home
Here is shown how one shall be cutting a side bang. The grey line is only to be touched for blending in with the rest of the hair.

The grey line is only to be touched for blending in with the rest of the hair. Not a lot shall be cut from the opposite side of where the side bang took place.

For Those With No Bangs

Don’t worry as long as you have no layers you can put your “bang part” in front of your face,  decide  how much you want to cut and snip it off. Make sure to blend in with the sides of the rest of the hair afterwards

Cutting Hair At Home
One’s hair can be longer than the one’s in the picture

One’s hair can be longer than the one’s in the picture. However you get the idea. It is also important to add, that when cutting bangs, its okay to start cutting vertically. However make sure that the last snip will be with the scissors pointing up. As shown with the arrows above. This point is valid for all bangs demonstrations including this last one. (Even though it is not a bang but simply a trimmed front.)

Cutting Hair At Home

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