We often find ourselves extremely Bored with our hair. However we do not want to cut it short nor dye it. Especially those of you who have virgin hair and prevent themselves from hair dye. What will we do now, that all hairdressers are closed during the covid-19 and we are having hair crisis?

How will we have that change in our hair without ruining it? What will we do? Panic no more, you do not have to cut your hair any shorter, dye it or bleach it. We always say that by simply adding some bangs will give you an incredible look. Before you cringe at the idea of bangs, you should know that there are different ways on how to cut bangs. And today we will be going through them and explaining how one it is done at home.

First things first, Always cut your hair on damp hair. This way is easier to handle. Especially if you have curly hair. When wet the hair will not be bouncy and curling and tangling. It will be easier for you to work on.

Curtain Bangs.

The most popular kind on bangs. Now these can be tricky to get, cause it all depends on if you have a cowlick. A cowlick is when a side of the hair has more volume than the other side . Which will look uneven on a curtain bang. You also need to keep an eye out for the parting. If you have a natural parting, this is going to make your curtain bang to have a parting as well. That is not what we really want. In these cases one has to start their bang from further up.

Cutting Your Own Bangs At Home

Let’s say from somewhere where the arrow is pointing. This is so that the the bang will be heavy and there will be no parting or cowlick forming. However one needs to be careful. As not everyone can carry such heaviness on the face. Especially when one has a small face. Nevertheless think twice before getting a curtain bang as not everyone can pull it off.

If you Have none of the above issues you can cut your bang from further forward. To make it clear, the more you go back of the crown, the more the bang is going to look heavy. So let’s get into how to get a curtain bang. A Curtain bang suggested length is covering the brows. However for the first time cut a bit longer than that, to be safe.

  • Decide how heavy you would like your bang to be.
  • Decide how short you are going. (We suggest max up till eyebrows, At least for the first time. Then go shorter if you desire.)
  • Start cutting in a straight line from the middle
  • Keep following that line now
  • At the sides, You are going to cut with that line, only holding your fingers horizontally. (That way you will be blending with the rest of the hair)
Cutting Your Own Bangs At Home

This is a preview of how one shall be cutting. You can follow accordingly.
We like to believe that such bangs suit much more likely those people with bigger foreheads. As for people with smaller foreheads will have their face hidden, and will look much smaller.

Moving On To Side Bangs

We believe that such bangs suit almost everyone. One can work according their natural parting. This one is very easy to make.

  • Find your natural parting
  • Part accordingly, part it neatly
  • Cut in a slanting way. (No vertical cutting shall be involved)
  • Keep cutting to the side until blended with the hair

If needed or wanted, one can do the same process at the other side to even out the hair to look symmetrical.

Cutting Your Own Bangs At Home

If non of the above are both of your liking and cant decide you can always mix them up together and get something like so ..

Cutting Your Own Bangs At Home

And this will be an Angled Bang, you will simply be following the curtain bang instructions for where it is vertical and the slanting bang instructions for when it starts going slanting.

If one is not pleased with all of the above you can always forget about the bangs and simply get layers on the front. This will go best with people who have middle parting. Nevertheless, this is how it is done:

  • Find your parting
  • Part it nice and neat
  • Cut in a slanting position
  • Blend in with the rest of the side hair

These are some at home haircut bangs that one can try if bored with their hair or bored in general. We would like to give one last important hair tip while cutting. When cutting in a slanting position, try not to close the scissors all the way. This is done so that when cutting it will be cut blended and nicely. So you will be cutting while moving to the next piece immediately, cutting and moving, cutting and moving. Till you’re all finished and your hair is blended well. If one cuts by closing the scissors all the way, there’s a big chance that the ends will look like the ends of a paintbrush. That’s not very neat and well blended. It will all look like bits and pieces, scruffy and not neat.