As we all know there are a few different hair types for different people. We basically go by the names of straight, wavy and curly. But today we will go a bit deeper on this subject.

Straight hair.

Who usually has straight hair? Straight hair is usually found on Asian people. When having straight hair it usually has no movement, and it is thin. Thin and straight hair has it’s own disadvantage.Being that it can possibly fall out sooner if obviously not taking care of. And one can’t style it as desired without a lot of products and hairsprays. But luckily for straight hair people, this type of hair has a lot less frizz in it and they can just wash, dry and go.

Not all people with straight hair will look like they have thin hair. Some will have a lot of hair on their scalp that it will look like it’s thick just because they have a lot. But if one feels it to test the texture they will quickly realize that it’s thin. Hair like this are better to be washed with shampoos and conditioner that don’t have as much oils in them. Preferably a volume shampoo since the hair type don’t have much of volume. Obviously if one has a lot of hair this will not occur to him/her.

Wavy hair:

One can find wavy hair mostly on The Caucasian race. There are three types of wavy. The wavy that is mostly straight with just a touch of movement, the wavy that has not movement and the wavy that is almost curly. One can find these hair types on both thick and thin hair. When having wavy hair it’s not that simple to tell wether a person has thin hair due to the movement going on in the hair. Movement will create volume so when a person has thin hair one may easily mistake it for a thick one.

Curly hair:

There are also three types of curly hair. There is the loose curl, the curl that looks like a spiral chord and the curl that’s tight and closer to a coily texture. One can find these textures on the Caucasian race and the Ethnic race. However one can more likely find that the loose curl on the Caucasian race. These hair textures are hard to tell wether they’re thin or thick, this is again due to hair volume that hair movement creates. But it is very common that this type of hair will be mostly dry. So when buying shampoos make sure to buy a moisture one. that has a perfect amount of oil to nourish the hair.

Coily hair:

One can fine this type of hair is on the Ethnic race. There are also three types on coily hair, being the tight coil, the tighter coil, and the tightest coil. This type of hair is mostly known as the thickest hair, contains a lot of frizz and is usually very thick. It’s beautiful hair to have but is also high maintenance to keep it looking fresh and neat. However this hair type is also known for natural dryness. However since it’s usually very thick a moisture shampoo will not be enough. It needs an extra oily shampoo that is what mist professionals recommend for this hair texture and type. This is because the hair is very porous.It will absorb a lot of moisture from just a common moisture shampoo and conditioner.

Different Hair Types And Hair Textures - Hair Care - 2019
Here one can find the different types of hair in order starting from 1 being Straight(mostly found on Asian race) and ending at 4C being the tightest coil( Mostly found on The Ethnic race)