Doing Split Hair Dyes the Right Way

Doing Split Hair Dyes the Right Way

Have you seen the half head hair dye ideas yet? Technically it is called the Split Dye. They were slightly in fashion a few years ago but I must say they’re working their way back this Summer.

What are the half head hair dye ideas ? (Split Dye)

These are styles where the hair is parted in half vertically. (parting must be in the middle)
Therefore one chooses two desired colors of his tastes and will have both sides colored differently. For example : Left side : Red and Right side : Pink

Let’s take a look on some of the fabulous choices people have done on coloringhalf head hair dye ideas.

Turquoise And Black

Love the combination of the dark with a lighter shade.

Green And Black

For a more dark edgy look. I also love the combination of her make up with her hair, well done, nice work.

Pink And Purple

The classic two girly colors. This combination is way to cute, I fancy it a lot. The fact that the colors are both light – Too Cute!

Pink And Blue – Such A Gem !

Ah, This is just great! I love everything about it. From the colors to the gem stones. It is so mysteriously beautiful. Love!

Pink And Lilac – Unicorn Look

The cute unicorn combination. Where the lilac has shades of grey and white it and matches a lot likely with the light pink.

Blue And Green

This lovely combination of blue and green matched amazingly. Would you have thought of these two colors together? Cause I surely wouldn’t have! However the way it is styles with that little bun in a form of a flower and that moon hair clip attachment made the hair stick out more, vibrantly.

Yellow And Pink

This is what I like to call the garden look. As the colors are both light yet very bright. Reminds me so much of the flowers in the garden. Therefore even that bun styled in the middle just brings nothing but happiness when you see happy bright colors

Black And Yellow

What I like to call the sunflower look. I don’t think I need to explain in detail why.
So bright and neon!

Red And Black

My personal favorite! I love the combination of these two dark colors together it’s dark, stands out but subtle. Also the red that she had on is like a normal color that everyone wear yet still a vibrant red. It’s amazing how many ways you can go with the color red.

Pink And Purple

Another classical girly pink and purple color. However this time with darker shades of pink and purple. But you don’t really need to go all out and dye the eyebrows as well (Just sayin’)

Black And White

The Cruella Di Vill Stylish hair. Love this one. I know that the hair is black and white and not the picture but somehow it still reminds me o the 20’s. Must be Fashion wise. Nevertheless it is still magnificent.


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