How Dry Hair Causes are Like a School Bully

How Dry Hair Causes are Like a School Bully

Dry hair causes and treatments: It’s normal for hair to dry. This is due to sun light and Uv rays, excessive heat, colours therefore peroxide , bleach, sea salt, chlorine and so on. These are all relevant facts on how the hair goes dry. Hair grows everyday and the roots always have moisture unless one has naturally dry hair. The ends tend to go frizzy due to the reasons given above.

So to keep your hair Healthy one must trim the hair at least once a month. Lots of people don’t get this. So I will explain it shortly. When the ends are frizzy it is because of split ends. Split ends are formed on a strand of hair.

Dry hair causes split ends and If one Keeps splitting the hair from another this will damage the hair cause you’re tearing it by taking off the good part of the hair aswel. And if one let his hair “grow” it actually will never do so. But instead it will break. Why? Because when split ends meet friction and the weekly/monthly routine of colours and blowdries it will meet a stage where it can’t handle anymore damaging services, so the hair will break.

This will lead to uneven ends. And if one decide not to cut it just to grow it, instead of cutting one inch you probably will have to cut more. Since the damage will spread.

So I am going to suggest to treat your hair regularly. I recommend once a week. And cut it at least once per month. One inch per month won’t make a big of a difference. Let your hair stay healthy ❤️!

How Dry Hair Causes are Like a School Bully
Scissors cutting through brunette hair
Be Aware Of :
  • UV Rays – Use Sun Protection Oils
  • Split Ends – Trim It And Treat It Often
  • Excessive Heat – Use Leave In Conditioners
  • Chemical Services – Treat It Often
  • Natural Hair Dryness – Treat It Often And Use Serums
  • Sea Salts and Chlorine – Rinse Hair Right After And Use Sea Salts / Chlorine Protections