Styling A Mohawk The Easy Way

Styling A Mohawk The Easy Way

During world war two Allied Airborne soldiers shaved their hair into Mohawk,. However this stye is originated from New York , America, and was originally won by the American Indian tribe, Pawnee. Although a lot of time has passed since then, this stye is still commonly styled.

So here is an; Easy Way To Style A Mohawk:

Today I am going to give some few helpful pointers on how to cut a Mohawk. Simply get a small comb and divide the parting. One the left and one on the right, depending on how thick or narrow you want your Mohawk to be. (I Suggest not too narrow.) Insert the comb vertically with the clean sectioned parting to hold the hair tight and simply shave with the desired number. Keep working this technique from top head to end. I can assure you that it saved a lot of time and it frustrates much less! Good luck😉!


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