Eugenia Cooney’s Lies And Truths

Eugenia Cooney’s Lies And Truths

More then 20 hours ago was aired a video about Eugenia Cooney. I consider this girl very, very lucky. Why you may ask, This girl has suffered through a health disorder. And as we all have seen even on Eugenia Cooney Twitter.Earlier today, You tuber Shane Dawson made a YouTube video in a form of a documentary about Eugenia’s recovery. Link to the video here :

Reasons I Don’t Trust This Video One Bit :
  • They look both very awkward in this video most of the time. I mean really ? please make your laugh at least to sound realistic Shawn, Please!
  • He says nothing that reveals literally nothing that can actually help other going through the same health disorder or similar.
  • Whatever that was not supposed to be asked he still asked ; now this in my perpective I am not sure if it was okay. Eugenia is the type of girl that is really nice ( I don’t know her personally but at least online, she is not the type of girl that can say “No.” easily.)
  • How is you putting on make up will help others Shane ? How?
  • Putting the help line at the end, so you seem like your helping? Who are you trying to fool really?

Now some may say that the video could not be complete or done honestly, due to the house they were in. There was Eugenia’s lawyer. So certain stuff had to kept unsaid. However I must say it is pretty sad and pathetic. What people do now a days to get reviews, look good in front of the camera and get subscribers.
Yes, Shane you went through something similar. However, either the girls is naive enough that can’t see it or you both had a deal together. But Shawn was not really helping at all.
Not to be completely negative about the whole thing her. Maybe you did help her to get back on the internet again, so kudos for that. Other than that I’m sorry, but this video was made with no real answers and no real help. However you got the views and you earned the money, that’s what really matter right?

In Jacyln’s Video

Next up we have another two videos by You tubers Jaclyn Glenn and two of her friends, that actually relieved some truth. And I will leave the link here :
and the second video :
And in these two videos I feel like a lot has been explianed.

In these video Jaclyn talks about how they were the people that Eugenia mentions in Shane’s videos. That forced her in to telling that she is sick. However in reality she says that they did what they did with good intention. For Eugenia herself to get help on her health. Because they were all worried and scared for her, since her level of skinny got way out of line.

She also mentions how Eugenia’s mother tried to arrest Jaclyn by the police for kidnapping her daughter. Which she didn’t but legally that was allowed to do from the mother’s side. Jaclyn also mentions how she was torn between loosing her friend and helping her. Or keeping a friend but let her get ill. Nevertheless we all agree that you, Jaclyn did the right choice. And we are sure that it wasn’t easy for all of you guys. But you have earned lot of respect around the world. I must say that Eugenia is really lucky that she found friends that actually wanted to help her so much, without wanting to gain anything for themselves for it. Well done.

About Eugenia

Five months ago Eugenia aired a video and talked about a costume she bought from Ebay of Kingdom hearts Kairi cosplay. Where she also did a make up tutorial. Now, no wonder Jacyln was concerned don’t you think?

However , and I say this with lots of joy and serenity. Eugenia did show a lot of improvment when she uploaded her recent video announcing that she was back. Link here :

I am glad to see that she is doing amazing or at least she is trying. And that is what is important, that you first admit, you try , you do, you succeed. Although I am not so convinced that in Shane’s video she knew what she was talking about. I think she did it because she thought that she had to.

Now this is just my opinion. But how can the women who brought life to you let you get this far? I say this to move on to my second point which is : I don’t believe that you can heal in the place where you gained much pain from. I can’t suggest much or say much as again I do not know the person but I do believe that she is 23 years old and still is controlled by her mother. Some videos that she have uploaded also show, if you look deep enough.

Shall she hate her self? BIG FAT NO. She must grow, and I think it will be heathier for her if she moves in with a fried for a while or another relative. Personally I think it will be healthier both physically and mentally.

About Her Fans

Her Fans or the people that watch her have sent a lot of hate, and also positive comments. However they will never be happy with whatever she does. This is because society will never agree on one thing. Everyone is different and have different opinions. Therefore some comments may trigger her. To all the people who have sent hate, I will say it instead of her, Thank you. For helping a person get better.

I believe that she is very, very lucky. As she said in Shane’s video her hair never fell out and her teeth stayed neath. That is lucky. Majority people who go through similar issues get hair and teeth damage.

I believe that she is brave and an intelligent young lady. And I am sure she will figure out what to do next. It is her path and she is now stronger and will keep on growing stronger and wiser more then ever. She was always beautiful, Never was she ugly. She just needed a bit of light in her life. And we are all glad and happy for her improvements.

For All Those Young Teenage Girls:

If you visit Eugenia Cooney Twitter you will start to see an improvement. As I said before she was never ugly. However it is extremely dangerous to play with your health, so don’t. Yes she can be your inspirational idol. But use her story and her figure for the good intentions. What I am saying is that you shall not follow her previous weight, it is not goals. In fact she went to rehab for help to actually reach goals. So let her be your inspiration by her good intention of the recent choices she made in her life.

If you are a teenager reading this and envy being thin, get a good health diet. This means eating a bit of everything in portions and in time. Don’t binge. And get to exercise. Go to the gym, practice a sport, go for a walk etc.. There are so much you can do. Getting a health disorder is just the lazy way out. And you will be putting families and friends in a ot of heart ache, due to your selfish unhealthy goals. So please think twice before you act.

I will be linking Eugenia Cooney’s Twitter here :


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