Getting Hair Permanently Straightened With Japenese Straightening

There is only one explanation for why you would want to get your hair straightened permanently. Your hair is curly and most probably frizzy. However, women tend to decide on permanent straightening without knowing the odds. And trust us there is a lot to know about permanent straightening.


Let’s start by explaining how the procedure works. First of all, there are various, never-ending types of straightening brands and they all lead to different methods and procedures. However, they all lead to doing the same thing and leading to the same results with the same pros and cons.

  • One starts by washing the hair and it shall be a clarifying shampoo, what this does is that it completely gets rid of the oils and products build up out of the cuticle completely while it opens the cuticle. We would want the cuticle open so that the straightening can work on the hair. Therefore there will be no conditioning needed as the conditioner will only close the cuticle back.
  • Next, you continue with the pre-treatment, this helps protect and prepare the hair for the procedure. It is a precaution to ensure that the results are even, especially if the hair you are working id porous or damaged.
  • Applying the activator, where which will be straightening the hair during time. As for how long depends on the hair’s situation may be from 5 minutes to an hour. But make sure to have done a strand test by all means before starting the Japanese straightening.
  • Rinse the hair just with water
  • Completely dry the hair and start ironing on the dry hair
  • Apply the Neutralizer. This is actually a very important part of the procedure as the neutralizer will be balancing the PH of your hair. This will only take time for up to 5 minutes
  • Rinse with water
  • Blow-dry and flat iron again.

Difference Between Keratin And Straightening

Now, this is A method, This does not mean that all Japanese Straightening works the same way. What straightening will be doing is that it is breaking down the bond which helps it become straight forever. One should know that when you’ll have re-growth the new hair that is obviously untouched by any chemicals aka straightening, will be totally curled. so this is a thing one shall keep in mind before doing a hair straightening cause it most probably will be annoying.

Another thing we wanted to clear up is the difference between a hair straightening and a keratin treatment. A straightening is permanent and lasts forever while the keratin lasts up to 4- 6 months depending on how frequently you wash your hair and what kind of shampoos you’re using. As we said before the hair straightening will be breaking down the bond to completely make the hair straight and changed the natural hair structure of your hair.

While the keratin will be coating your hair to make it less frizzy. however, if your hair is very thin the keratin may change the way of your hair structure as well. Nevertheless, if your hair structure is very much curly and to a thick state this will be impossible to get it straight without you straightening it yourself at least once a week. On the other hand with the Japanese straightening, after washing the hair will be straight immediately.

Is straightening Damaging To The Hair?

The stylist in the video asked the girl if she had natural hair. She does this because when working on virgin hair there is less probability that the hair will break out. However, she still wrote in the caption that straightening is damage free.


That is totally impossible because every bit of chemical service does damage. And the fact that the straightening procedure is done by a neutralizer to balance your PH says a lot. As for the keratin it still does a bit of damage in our opinion however in a less form as it does not use the neutralizer. however one can do the straightening on chemically treated hair but it will probably get their hair dry/ and damages more on such hair as it already has the previous chemical in it. This is why one must ask the client what the previous chemical and the client must be 100 % honest with the stylist to strictly avoid breakage to the hair.

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