What is the hardest to do ? Going from red to blonde? Or is it going from blonde to red?

The hardest is going from red to blonde, this is because the red is a type of color that stains a lot since it has a lot of rich pigment. This also counts for all the copper hair colors since they also have red pigments and black colors such as pitch black and blue black.

Dying your hair red is a very committed decision to make so before doing it be a hundred percent sure that you want to do this without going lighter in a second.

It is possible to go from red to blonde without bleach, however it is only possible through long procedures such as lightening the red shades and then dying the hair on an ash tone to eliminate (get rid of ) the red bit by bit. Why ash? you may ask. We choose ash because ash has a green tone and green helps eliminate red.

Let us take a look what happened in these three videos Brad Mondo reacted too..

https://youtu.be/LZYDRWt9iMY – Watch All Of The Transformations Here.

As for the first video…

the lady worked with some fine techniques. Yes the first one was a complete fail as it didn’t change her hair much at all ! However , the lady was very committed to become a blondie from morning to evening. and she bleached and kept the right time, she managed to bleach her roots afterwards and also managed to correct the dark roots that stayed. She also toned her bleach into another shade of blonde so that it looks as a whole color and gives it more of a shine and also lightened the blonde to a more closer blonde that she wished for.

The only think we would have done differently is the bleach . She bleached her hair into two times, while she could have bleached her hair as a whole starting from the roots and she would have achieved that light platinum blonde immediately without all of those procedures. If she wouldn’t have wanted a very light blonde we would have suggested to color from ends to roots.

On The second video…

we had the blonde girl going red. However Please! do not do that technique at home. By teasing the roots before dying there is a big amount of possibility that the color ends up spotty. In this very weird case that didn’t happen, still do not take the risk. Instead you can dye your hair using the brush vertically. Nevertheless as for the rest of the technique avoid dying your hair the way she did, you can easily miss a parting or a spot, instead start by dying the front hair line , use a cross sectioning and start dying section by section, part by part. Once you finish the roots continue on the ends. Trust usit is much easier and safe if you do it that way.

Third Video..

We were not hoping that this would go any bad in any way. The hair is not that dark and not that light, and the red she chose was quite warm as a color yet light – to a medium shade. she started from roots to ends and the color had covered everywhere as there was not as much complicated situation in her hair. It went brilliantly great if you ask us.

Nevertheless, yes be certain when going red as it will be a hassle for you and the hairdresser if you decide to go lighter. Especially if you keep going from blonde to red and red to blonde – It is in no way healthy for the hair! By All Means.