As you can see from the title today we will be discussing hair care products. Now we all know that we all have different hair types and texture, therefore , no, one product does fits all. In this post we mean nothing but total honesty. The products discussed are products that we have used on ourselves and even on our clients. Therefore these products that will be discussed were tried and tested on various types and texture.

Milk Shake Products.

We are all fond of milkshake products, their scent is amazing, and they make you fall in love with them. However we do not find this brand to be very good on all of the hair types. Every product they have it says ” Good for all hair types” it is simply not true and cant even be right. And we will explain why. You can not expect a Moisture shampoo to work the same as Mint (for oily scalp) shampoo. The benefits are different. We have tried it on various clients – it is simply not good for all hair types. Some masks we have used have made their hair really oily while others no improvement at all.

Damaged Hair : N/A

Moisture For Thin Hair :

For Oily Scalp :

Moisture For Coarse Hair : This product will leave the hair greasy after washing. When washing one needs to give it a good wash 2 shampoos, preferably with mint or peppermint shampoos and carry on with a conditioner. However the next day you may need to wash it again. Nevertheless it is a very effective product.

Wavy Thin Hair : This product is perfect for when you wash an go. It smells nice and it let your hair form in your natural texture and eliminates the frizz. Its perfect for when styling with a diffuse however we use it also for airdrying.

As for the leave in conditioners – We love all of them, they all work great. Preferably we use something else on coarse or frizzy hair, however we still recommend the leave in on all hair types as these product do the work.
Serums also work great however they may not be very effective on extremely frizzy and coarse hair.

Macadamia Products

One of our favorite products are the macadamia. They literally have something for everyone. all of these products are sulfate free. Lets see what the macadamia range has for you. Try to avoid Macadamia if you have an oily scalp as they are rich in oils.

Damaged Coarse Hair:

Dry Coarse Hair :

Thin Dry Hair :

Curly Coarse Hair :

Macadamia Leave in and serums are all great, and work best on coarse , damaged and dry hair.

Alterna Products :

Now these products are amazing. however we do not like their masks as much. Their masks works on dry thin hair but not on damaged and coarse. Now these products are made from caviar, trust us they smell nice. Our favorites are the shampoos and conditioner and they have for all types and they all work amazing. The conditioners in fact are as good as applying a mask. Better then their own alterna masks if we may say. But in some common cases the hair still will be needing a good mask. Try to avoid their masks if you have coarse dry or damaged hair. All products are paraben free , sulfate free and also anti – ageing.

Damaged Coarse And Thin Hair :

Moisture – For Dry Thin And Coarse Hair

Oily Scalp:

Colored Hair : Now these help your PH and help the color to stay longer. However while it does that it also helps your hair with moisture. And the beauty of these products is this ; no matter what you buy they are all rich in moisture.

Curly Hair : N/A

As for leave ins and serum all are good but we shared the most effective three with you. The serum has two alternitives of use. One can use it on blow dried hair or on damp to eliminate frizz or otherwise you can add 2 pumps with any mask you are using to help the cuticle seal the color and also for anti-frizz.

True Keratin Products

Now these Products are best for when you have done a keratin treatment. They are sulfate free. However they are a bit limited.

Damaged Hair:

Moroccan Miracle Leave-In Conditioner.

Curly Hair : N/A

Dry Coarse And thin Hair : These two have different prepositions however they both work about the same.

Frizzy coarse or thin hair : This product is not eligible for oily scalp.

True keratin serums and leave in These are all our favorite products, are all perfects especially for dry thin or coarse hair. Let us know which one were your favorites or if you have any questions on how to use these products or any questions in general please contact us on Twitter or Reddit .