How To Dye Your Hair

How To Dye Your Hair

Say yes to new experiments ❤️ I decided to dye my hair on a Thursday so that I will show you how to dye your hair. Mine was already red violet, but I had way too many roots to cover.

I had a red violet colour which was on a base of five. (This means it had a bit of brown in it) I added some extra additive of violet colour. Meanwhile I added some base 6 to lighten it a bit (bad 6 is medium brown). I mixed all these colors with 20 volume/ 6% peroxide.

And viola! You can see the results in my video.
if you are going to colour at home best way to colour is cross section. Where you section the hair into four parts in a form of a cross. Colour the cross parting and start from the front working yourself back. I recommend this because You won’t miss to colour your re growth.

Consider asking your local hairstylist on how to dye your hair and about what’s best to use as a colour because they will always give you best tips. Keep in mind that light colours want be effective on dark hair. Obey the ratio, because if not you may end up with a scalp reaction or hair breakage. However you will find it in a paper in the colour’s box it’s self.

Therefore you should be safe IF you follow all the steps on the paper and consider asking a hairstylist before colouring. Although if you’re not professional I will suggest doing your hair colour at the salon. If there’s any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.


Hello! I am a hair stylist. I love my job but I also love to blog. So on my website I will be giving you a few hair tip that you should consider to follow and also some fun DIYS.