Hair Dyes For Women Over 60

Hair Dyes For Women Over 60

A while ago we wrote a whole post on what best hair cuts suits women aged over 50’s and 60’s. While today we will be discussing what hair dyes suit best those ages. (Dyes for women over 60) One has to understand that the face change, face pigments lighten and so on. Therefore certain colors will not suite the face as much as before. This is a common age where women gets frustrated because they have been doing a color for so long, yet they will have to change their style due to growing. Change does not have to be scary, You must trust your stylist, especially if you have been going to them for so many years.

First thing you have to see for yourself is this.. The skin change color while we grow older, some features grow as well. One has to see what best hair dye goes with the skin, features and body shape. For example short hair will make you look taller while long hair will make you look shorter. This all depends on what you are comfortable with of course. What we are trying to say is that some hairstyles create an illusion which will enhance one’s look..

Dark skin people

Dark hair suits dark skin most of all. However Niki Minaj and cardi B both managed to pull of blonde or light hair dye on their hair. Moreover they are both young, and their skin looks very fresh. Young faces can handle almost anything. At a certain age dark skin gets darker and may also grow pigment spots. Pigment spots start showing when the skin looses color. Lets talk about coppers and reds, they go very well with light skin, however it will not look as good on grown dark skin. Reason being is there will be lots of colors going on. By that we mean , the skin color, the hair dye and the skin pigment spots.

This is highly important to know for such women who do not like to wear as much make up. This information is not said to bring anyone down, far from it. It is the truth that us women have to live with while we grow older. However it is best to know the truth so when we come to such moments we know what to turn to. Most hairstylist will tell you to go lighter once your greys start showing.

This makes 100% sense and we will explain why. When dying your hair light the greys will show less because there is the same contrast. While when dying the hair dark the greys will show more as there is a totally different contrast. However if you have dark skin you do not have to go platinum blonde you can go to a light shade of brown and if can choose to add highlight sif you want.

Vibrant Colors

We tend to see many 60 year old managing to pull out vibrant colors. This is possible on 100% none translucent white hair. Best to dye this hair is on short styles or medium length with some layers. Try to avoid the hair cut that makes your hair look like a wig, therefore play around with some layers. Best to go with are pastel colors rather then vibrant, reasons are that pastel are more in at the moment and the other reason is that pastel colors make the hair look less like a wig. Our personal favorite style with pastel colors on women over 60’s is the no pigment white hair with pastel high lights. Such styles look good on both dark skin women and light skin women, styles differ.

For example on light skin in our opinion full head pastel would go great and for dark skin women pastel highlights would go great. If you are the type of person that loves vibrant colors, brown hair with vibrant red highlights or purple highlights works amazing on dark skin women. And how about blonde hair and vibrant pink highlights on light skin women? or yellow hair dye highlights?

You should know that when you reach the age of white hair, embrace it. There are so many colors to experiment with. After all many teenagers and adults try to achieve the grey and white hair dye on stubborn very pigmented hair. Grey hair is a color that will suit both skin colors. It all depends on how the color is done, personally we love that cloudy effect where there is both grey and white dyed. Contrast works amazing and so does blending.

Hair Length

Always keep in mind that when reaching a certain age short hair will always make the hair look younger, as for long hair will make you look older, especially long straight hair. Moreover if you prefer having long hair make sure to enhance some curls, a light perm if needed wont harm you. Features matter a lot , one has to keep in mind if they have long or short neck, cause even though short hair makes an older women look younger, when having a tall neck the person will end up look un-proportioned. If for example one has ears that they are uncomfortable with make sure to not have a pixie cut done, or if you are going to go for it make sure that on the sides of the pixie are a bit longer.

This upcoming point is very important – try to avoid vibrant colors with really short voluminous hair. Reason being is most will make you look like Ronald Mc Donald. We have seen so many clients coming up to us with a hair change and looking like the character from Mc Donalds. We end up wondering what took them so long ? Why stylist do not speak to their clients and knowledge them about styling and what goes and what not.

In fact this is why we decided to reach up to our readers today with such information and post. This article was not to make fun of anyone – not at all! It was most likely to avoid repeated mistakes. Moreover if you are a person that do not ask much or if your hair stylist is full of it and only seeks the money , hopefully this post will let you make the right decisions for your hair and style. In our defense we only like to enhance your beauty and your self confidence more.

If there are any point that we didn’t cover and you have more questions that you would like to ask about – contact us on Twitter or on our Facebook Page. We will be happy to help you.