Care Of Hair During Chemotherapy – Medical Shampoos

Care Of Hair During Chemotherapy – Medical Shampoos

Medical helps stimulate new hair growth and helps to bring and keep the scalp and hair in optimum condition. For best results it is recommended to start using the medical shampoos before the chemotherapy treatment. Always make sure to do a consult your hair stylist or wig salon for advice and guidance.

Treatment During Chemotherapy

Gently wash the scalp at least four times a week with a medical shampoo. Preferably with lukewarm water. So that the pores will stimulate.
Follow with a medical conditioner leave in for about two minutes and rinse.
Spray a medical leave in conditioner preferably with collagen [ Read on :
to help understand the benefits of the collagen.]

Hair is one of the subjects clients get worried and anxious about. AS tough as it can be to deal with cancer and chemo therapy, the world got advanced enough to help people trough difficult times like these. The main important thing our lives and others, let alone in this case. I understand that being used to a look that can be taken from you is very difficult and it gets us anxious , this is why I’m writing this article to help people find alternative ways.

However make sure to take care of your skin with medical creams if necessary and medication if consulted by your doctor. For scalp care best to use scalp and hair oil.

You can always use medical products after the chemotherapy treatment has stopped or is complete to keep the scalp and hair in optimum condition.

From the other side I wish you nothing but best of luck and health.


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