Six Things Anyone Should Know Before Getting A Hair Transplant

Six Things Anyone Should Know Before Getting A Hair Transplant

98 percent of hair transplants are a success when processed right. However hair transplant cost maybe a bit expensive. Therefore they are usually done for people with thinning hair and are done on existing hair. However there are cases where it has been done on bald scalp and it was a success. Therefore one has to try it because it doesn’t work the same on everyone.

As I believe that such treatments will have their effect. Of course you will see small results at first but this is not a one-time session thing, it contains a few sessioewhoever is doing the transplant for you has a lot of experience and knows what they are doing. As so you will not get robbed legally.

I believe that a hair transplant is permanent because the hair follicle is taken from the healthy area of the scalp.(usually this is the back of the scalp) In the procedure that hair is moved to the weak or thinning area. Hair transplant is considered as safe if done by a professional and experienced plastic surgeon.

Is hair transplant painful?

No hair transplant is not considered as painful, however people may experience discomfort after the surgery is done. One can still remain to cut, dye and style their hair even after the hair transplant. Therefore the hair follicle that the surgeon transplanted will never go thin or lost ever again. However the hair that has never been touched before not even during surgery, will continue to grow thin or continue to fall.

If one is not a fan of hair transplant or hair transplant cost s a bit high for your budget, this can be avoided by :

  • Eating healthy
  • Using the right shampoos for your hair type and texture
  • Always use sun protection to your hair
  • Treat your hair as often as possible
  • And have a lot of vitamins.

Vitamins are found in food like meat, fruit and vegetables. If for some reason one cant have one or the other, vitamins can be taken by pills or gummy bears. These kind of vitamins include biotin, zinc, vitamin D and C.

If you have and keep a healthy lifestyle it will be easy to avoid hair transplant. and it will also help with hair growth.


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