Hairstyles For Windy Days

Hairstyles For Windy Days

Anyone who experienced letting down their hair on windy days know the struggle of hair in the eyes, mouth and all over the face. Nevertheless this can be of a danger obstacle while driving long hours or on your way to work, after you already have styled it at home it can easily get messed up if not secured well. Therefore you have to style all over again.

So lets have a look in few simple hairstyles that are wind proof.


Ponytails are one of the easiest hairstyles one can style. This is how:

  • Gather the hair and pull it as tight as possible
  • secure with a cute scrunchie
  • If you have baby hairs secure with bobby pins and a cute hair band.
  • If you are not using a scrunchie one can decorate with a cute ribbon or scarf

Braided Crown

This is very similar to a ponytail. However to avoid that baby hair peeking out one can style a tight french braid on the crown area. After securing it continue with securing the rest of the hair in a ponytail.

French Braid

Another simple wind proof hairstyle is the french braid. This may seem old fashioned or as old news but surprisingly it doesn’t occur to people that m ux h that a french braid can be wind proof. This happens due to the movement of the style. A hair secures the other on it own.

  • Start from the crown area and section in three
  • Braid it along and keep adding pieces of hair till there is no more hair to braid.

Flow-y Braided Hair

  • Twists the sides
  • Work yourself to the back
  • Braid till the end

This may be as not as secure. Therefore feel free to add hairsprays and bobby-pins how you please.

Fancy Bun

  • Section the hair into pigtails
  • Twist the two ponytails and secure
  • Take each of the ponytail to the opposite side and secure with bobby pins.

Those are few wind proof hairstyles. However for complete security always make sure to use hairpins, hairbands , hair elastics, headscarves, sunglasses as hairbands, hairsprays and hair gel.


Hello! I am a hair stylist. I love my job but I also love to blog. So on my website I will be giving you a few hair tip that you should consider to follow and also some fun DIYS.