Styling With Braids On Very Short Hair – Hair Trend

Styling With Braids On Very Short Hair – Hair Trend

So easy and quick to do yet so stylish and comforting braids! I will explain briefly how these braids are done.

  1. Section you hair in half (top area and bottom area)
  2. part your hair in half (left side and right side)
  3. start braiding from top area to crown area
  4. secure both braids with a transparent hair band.

 Half Braids on short hair are very ideal. Because when one has short hair it’s a bit impossible to secure all of the hair in a ponytail or a classical braid, since all bits and pieces of hair will stick out. It’s impossible to secure it without a lot of Bobby pins and hair pins.

Ideas for those busy days or even to go at the beach or hang out with your friends. I suggest one uses some mousse, gel or wax before braiding. As a finishing product i recommend  hairspray. This helps keep all the baby hairs and frizz tamed. section your hair in half , gel the top area, tie the below area to keep out of sight. stat braiding the first  half and continue with  the second. When braiding, braid from forehead to crown area only, other wise it wont bend in with the other half you will be letting down. finish with some mousse to the below side and you’ll have very stylish and comforting braids!


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