How Is It Worth Using The Split End Pro II?

How Is It Worth Using The Split End Pro II?

Lets start by explaining the difference between the split end pro and the split end pro II.
There is not much to it, the main difference is that the split end pro offers two different trim length options (1/4″ and 1/8″) whereas the split end pro II only trims at 1/4″.

What Does The Split End Pro Include?
  • Power Supply Plug In for quick battery charging and also allows the use of the unit while connected to the power supply
  • Battery Handle – rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • Rubber Grips offers hand comfort and perfect grip
  • Directional Switch reversible switch selector with arrow pointing direction specially designed for right or left hand user with LED light technology
  • Hair Chamber stores the hair being trimmed
  • Clear Window allows you to see hair being trimmed
  • Blades specially designed to safely trim the very ends of the hair
  • Spacer allows you to Determine the hair length to be trimmed
  • Strand Guards works together with Hair plate to safely guide the hair strands in straight motion
  • Hair plate Center Guides control hair strands in perfect straight position guiding only the hair ends into the blades
  • Hair plate specially designed to safely guide the hair ends in straight motion into the blades to trim just the very ends and nothing more
  • Lock ON/OFF button For hair plate release and to lock in position
  • Metal pressing handle specially designed with rubber grip for comfort
Are The Split End Pro Any Good?

This will depend on your liking’s and preferences. Although one would say that they are quite good to work with. The cordless split hair end pro is a safe way and accurate way to trim those few inches, instead of using scissors. Accurate enough to trim those burn,dry and damaged hair and split ends. Nevertheless the best part is that it does not touch any of the long and healthy hair. The split end trimmer will allow you to see all the trimmed ends at the side.

How Is It Used ?

It does not take any batteries. However it is still wireless. One will need to charge it before any use. Once it is charged you will be able to use it. Its is practically used just like a hair straighter with the difference that it will trim the split ends.

Split ends are caused by hair straightening and any service with heat and chemicals. These occur when the ends of your hair becomes dry, brittle and frayed. Split ends may be cause by exposure to extreme weather conditions.

If one does not want to use this split end pro one can use scissors with out cutting the length of the hair. Therefore simply by curling a chunk of hair strand around your index finger tightly. You will see lots of split ends, most of the time with white ends to pop out. And simply trim them out with scissors.


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