How Possible Is It To Go From Brown To Bright Red

How Possible Is It To Go From Brown To Bright Red

How easy is it to dye hair from dark brown to absolute bright red?
This depends on how bright and if your hair is virgin or not. If your hair is virgin it will be very easy, however if your hair is dyed and want to go extremely bright like base 9 and lighter you most likely have to use bleach or lightener.

Bleach will help your hair lighten of course, and it will be easier to dye your hair after it gets lightened. It is important to mention that just cause your going red , there is no need to bleach to a white stage of blonde. The orange stage will me more than enough this is because the red dye will cover it all anyway. Due to the red color not being a pastel color.

To get and slay that bright red, one might want to choose the lightest bright red possible on the chart and add a mix tone with it. Example : color on chart will be – 9/97 and for the mix tone you will have – 0/67. As for developer one can use the 9% to get that mermaid red. If you have previous dyed hair, let’s say black. If you dye from roots to ends, the roots will turn out bright red cause they will be virgin but the rest of the hair will remain black . Nevertheless do not try this at home if you have black hair dyed.

Warmer Shades Of Red

Not everyone likes mermaid bright hair. Various people likes warm red such as violet red and auburn red which can also be done on brown hair using only the color itself and the developer. Is as simple as choosing the desired color and mixing it with 6% if you want it to be warm or 9 % if you want to show more. Moreover it will be the same but 9% lifts more and you will be able to see the difference but it will not effect you that much .

Nevertheless one can still go bright on the purple red side but if you want to go extremely bright over the 9 base (9 being the lightest to be exact) one will still need to bleach to reach that very light and bright point. However it will not be that hard to go from brown to red and it will be less (still damaging ) but very less damaging when lightening for a few minutes with bleach to an orange stage rather to a white stage.


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