How Skai Jackson Turned From A Disney Star To An Insta Star Real Quick

How Skai Jackson Turned From A Disney Star To An Insta Star Real Quick

From a young lady on Disney Channel to a grown beautiful Teenager on Instagram. Skai Jackson is popular for her role on Jessie – Zuri.

However today I will be showing TEN times Skai has STUNNED The Internet.

That time where she wore wavy semi – volumized hair on a yellow outfit with a touch of yellow eyeliner.
Just fantastic and I simply love yellow on her, it goes so well with her complexion

When she pulled her hair in an oval shaped bun and braided the sides in small tiny braids. It brought out the perfect cheek bones of hers and the perfect jaw line.

When she wore her natural beauty curls with a fringe and a touch of a natural pink lip gloss on the different shades of blue outfit. Just WOW!

She is often seen with curly hair. Therefore straight hair makes her beauty pop , as it is so uncommon on her. Flawless!

Big Puffy Pig Tails – Makes her look more adorable than she already is. I especially loved the look on her face and the touch of the red lip stick. Simply GORGEOUS!

Short her makes the beauty in her face shine bright. This is because there is less going on with the face , so it is shown as simple and natural. Nevertheless a Pretty face deserves a short hairstyle.

Big Beautiful Braids – I love the design on the scalp but I love even more the way these braids are styled. The thread is a Nice touch, and the length is Perfect. I also like the fact that the make up is very natural and the most of the focus is still on the face.

Full Volume – Medium Hair. I wish I look this good when I leave my curls all natural. But amazingly enough she can handle it and can work it too.

A Fuzzy Ponytail – Everything slicked back and gel-ed tight except for the ponytail. So Casual and Cute yet seems so Comfortable. I bet it is.

The Beauty Of Her Long Natural Locks. Everything is natural in this picture, her make up , her hair and her casual outfit. Yet she still manages to out-stand!

Skai’s looks and styles are often seen as natural. However she still manages to look Brilliant in anything. That’s why I believe that nothing can beat natural beauty.

However with all her natural looks Skai Jackson still stands out with her own Unique look.
The Secret is that she doesn’t try to hard to be outstanding. It happens naturally as she is only being her Unique self. Basically she stands out by being naturally Creative.

Take your own time to find your natural unique beauty – signature look. – Be Like Skaii..


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