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How To Achieve The Lightest White Blonde Hair Possible

White Blonde Hair must be the hardest color to achieve – not really because it is hard , but it takes hours and a lot of tries to get to a white point. First thing you need to know to achieve this color is that it requirs bleach. Doesnt matter if you already have a natural blonde virgin hair, you will still need to bleach it at a point. To all the virgin blonde hair women – you can start with a highlifter first but it probably wont get to a white blonde shade, it is then when one shall use the blwach afterwards. Nevertheless this can be done as a bleach wash.

What Is A Bleach Wash?

A bleach wash is where you dilute the bleach with water. This requires one or two good washes and no conditioner. This is perfect as a second try of bleaching for the virgin blonde hair women. The shampooing is done so that the cuticle is open, that way the bleach enters in the cuticle of the hair. Moreover the waster is done so the bleach will not be as strong as it is when we do it directly on dry hair.

Follow These Steps For A Bleach Wash :

  • One or two shampoo washes
  • Towel Dry
  • Apply the bleach mixture to your hair starting from the bottom to mid-lengths

Always start from the bottom to mid lengths when applying bleach. Irrelevant whether it is directly applied or applies as a bleach wash. One shall always start from the bottom to mid lengths, let it process and once you see that the desired blonde is achieved on the mid-lengths you can wash the hair dry it 100% and apply the bleach to the roots. Otherwise you can apply the bleach to the roots at the last 20-15 minutes of the remaining process time.
One must also add that when applying highlighters on virgin blonde hair go with the 40 volume so you can lighten the hair as much as possible. However when it lightens and you about to use bleach, go with a 20 volume instead. 20 volume is also good for when applying bleach to the roots. This information is only relevant to virgin blonde hair women.

Applying Bleach On Dark Hair

Applying bleach to dark colored hair is a bit more complicated especially on red pigments. Red pigments include red colors , browns with high use of red pigments in them and orange pigments such as copper colors. There is no doubt that for such colors the hair will need more than one time of bleaching. Always read the instructions on your instruction paper that is given with your products. Do not exceed the given time of process. If the hair finally after many tries , gets lightened but it has patchy areas go for a bleach wash. Bleach washing is not promised to remove everything. Moreover bleach washing is not recommended if the hair gets to a brittle state. Stained patched can get removed by toners.

For red pigments removal use ash colors. – Ash colors have green pigments as green removes red.
For orange pigments removal use blue or ash pigments. Since orange has a lot of red pigments ash can work great with orange pigments and so can blue pigments.
For yellow pigments removal use purple tones. Such as light violet blondes. Purple tones will help remove the yellow pigments from the hair, therefore you will end up with a clearer blonde color.

White Toners

Once you have reached to the desired shade of light blonde you can proceed with the toner. This way you will have a perfect white shade of blonde. There are various of white toners you can use to achieve this look. Moreover we will list some of the great shades of white you can use.

1. Fudge ultra light ash blonde (12.1)
2. Fudge silver toner (T.01)
3. Fudge white shade of pale
4. Fudge extra light ash blonde (10.1)

1.Joico lumishine XLA/XL1
2. Joico lumishine 10NWB/10.07

1.Wella Koleston T10
2. Wella Koleston T18
3. Wella Koleston T11
4. Wella Koleston T28

1.Igora royal 12-19
2. Igora royal 12-2
3. Igora royal 10-1
4. Igora royal 12-11

One can mix more than just one toner with the peroxide. You can also try a clear shade which is a lift booster. The pigment of the clear shade is completely white. This kind of gives the color a boost to show more. We must add that peroxide used on blondes women must be up to 30 volume. There is no need for higher. High-lifters on the other hand up to 40 volume. Bleach on brunette can go up to 40 volume peroxide.


It is only fair to ask you to use a very good treatment after you are done with this process. Treatment shall be for damaged hair as the hair had gone through a lot. Leave the treatment in for a god amount of time – one hour or over night. You can also use coconut oil before washing your hair. Stay a few hours with the coconut oil and wash your hair when you feel like it. We will recommend you a dew products you can use after bleaching that work excellent.

Hair Care Products :

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex treatment is found to be effective by many clients. It has all 7 steps that work in favor of you hair not get broken bonds and damaged hair. Let us walk you trough this. The first olaplex that shall be used is called;

Olaplex no.1 Bond Multiplier,

This works in favor to seek broken bonds and repair them. Besides repair the broken bonds olaplex no.1 also helps with multiplying the bonds of the hair. This product can be added to any chemical services. Such as bleaching , colors, straightening or perming. However you can also carry out this treatmenr as a stand alone treatment which will also include step one. Instead of mixing it with any chemical service you can spray it on washed (never conditioned) damp hair.

Olaplex no.2 – Hair Perfetor.

This is the mask treatment. It works hand in hand with the bond multiplier. After staying some time with the bond multiplier, you apply olaplex no.2 on the bond multiplier. This will help seal the cuticle back to normal with all the work that the bond multiplier had done. Nevertheless the olaplex no.2 will also help with healing damaged hair, it will also add moisture to your hair after a thrilling experience of chemicals. When applying no.2 after a chemical service make sure that you are done completely from the chemical service. When you are done, rinse the chemicals wash with one shampoo if it is a must and carry on with the no.2 treatment. We shall let you know that steps one and two are professionally used at salons only.

Olaplex no.3 Hair Perfecter.

This has the exact same benefits that the no.2 has. The only difference in the application is that this is made for clients to take home as a booster. This will help the treatment to stay longer in your hair as you do not book an appointment for an olaplex treatment weekly. You can if you want but it is absolutely useless. Therefore you take home the no.3 and apply at least once a week. This is applied on dry hair before washing, stay a few minutes or even hours if you wish and later on carry on with the washing.
Tip: You can apply the no.3 from the night before or even in the morning, stay all day with it and wash it when it is time to wash it.

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo.

This shampoo has a lovely texture which automatically tells you that it will work in advantage towards your hair. It protects the hair from everyday hair stress damages such as; split ends and frizz by re-linking bonds. This shampoo is also colour safe which means that vibrant colours will last a bit more than usual. Helps the hair feels soft and looks shiny and also healthier.

Olaplex no 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

Now this works hand in hand with the no.3 shampoo. This will help seal the cuticle with all the benefits of the shampoo. However this step will also add moisture to the hair leaving it more shiny and healthier.

Olaplex No.6 Smooth Sealer.

This leave-in styling cream will eliminate frizz and leave your hair feeling hydrated for up to 72 hours. Use to style after each wash. We love no.6 it leaves your hair so smooth and really tames down the frizz. The smooth sealer can be used after exposing yourself to the sun and also before any blow-dries. Nevertheless this is a heat protection treatment. There shall be no washing once you use this. Just leave it in you hair and you are good to go.

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil.

Step 7 is a serum which helps the hair looks shiny and also increase the vibrancy of the hair. It provides UV/heat protection of up to 450°F/232°C. Besides all that the bond oil is a lightweight serum, therefore it will not make your hair looks greasy. It will also help you with flyaways and prevents the hair from getting frizzy after exposed to the wind. These steps all work together so that your hair stays in a good healthy state after being exposed to certain chemicals.