Best Ways To Add More Hair Volume To Your Hair – Hair Trend

Best Ways To Add More Hair Volume To Your Hair – Hair Trend

Is is normal for us ladies to fancy a bit of hair volume. Luckily for the thick hair ladies , they don’t need much work, as for the ladies with thin hair, Don’t you suffer a lot?
Don’t you worry no more. Therefore I am about to give you some tips that have been tried and tested.

Starting from the basics; Shampoos and Conditioners.
  • Use Shampoos and conditioners that have the ingredient of collegen in them. Collagen is rich in amino acids that your body needs to build keratin. – keratin is the protein that makes the hair. Collagen give elasticity, strength and flexibility to the hair. As we age, our collagen production decreases naturally.
  • When it comes on to using masks, don’t. Masks are very heavy that it will only lower your chances of having volume in your hair. If you have dry ends but still want volume I suggest you use a treatment that is for dry hair but the texture is made out of foam.
Using Leave in Conditioners:
  • Don’t spray directly on the hair as it will flatten the hair, add some on the palm of your hand and add it to your hair, making sure it’s spread everywhere. However leave in conditioner is commonly used before a blow dry but one can also use it as a detangler as that fine hair happens to tangle a lot.
  • Use mousse directly on to the root of the hair, to help the blow dry stay in a volumized way.

Make sure to always have the right blow-dry accordingly. If you want volume , let your hairdresser know. Don’t tell her “I want a straight blow-dry” but change that to ” I want a straight blow-dry with volume” Know what you want and command it to be done.
Nevertheless, having a blow dry with curls , gives more body and the curls. It gives the impression that one have thick hair and hair volume.

When it comes to using products….
  • Don’t use serum, use shine. its lighter. However if you have very dry ends put a small amount of serum on your finger.
  • If you have to choose between a product of “anti-frizz and shine” or “anti-frizz” , use the “anti-frizz ” It has less oils.
  • Always use hairspray to keep your blow dry steady and long lasting.
  • Use lightweight if you want to be able to brush it, use volumizing hairspray if you want it stiff and difficult to be messed up.

Nevertheless, Always keep in mind that the less oils the more hair volume you can create and enjoy.


Hello! I am a hair stylist. I love my job but I also love to blog. So on my website I will be giving you a few hair tip that you should consider to follow and also some fun DIYS.