How To Blow Dry Hair At Home

We are constantly learning how to do our own personal service at home at the moment. I know it sounds and feels annoying but there is not much to do for now except to stay patient and keep on learning, Besides learning is not a bad thing, soon you will gain so much you will open your own salon and be making money out of hair, who knew? ha-ha

A blow-dry is when you style your hair straight or curly with a brush and a blower only. With no need for the use of a straightener or curling iron. This method is also known as a blowout.

Today, as one has figured out we will be explaining how to do a blow-dry on yourself at home. But before we start we would like to go through some minor things. For example, avoid doing a blow-dry on a daily basis, unless you trim your hair very often which is at least once a month.

Blowing your hair daily will lead to drying your hair and getting it brittle, with fragile ends that will lead to split ends and later on breakage. If one does a blow-dry daily, he/she shall do a weekly treatment, preferably every time they wash their hair. This means that the minimum is at least once a week, however, if you wash your hair three times a week preferably all three times using your hair treatment.

When doing a blow-dry, keep in mind to always do in on 70% dry hair. This way while smoothing the frizz you will not be drying on dry hair. As the heat on heat will only cause damage.

It is not a problem when once in a lifetime a person decides to do a blow-dry on 100% dry hair, however, the more you can avoid it the better. Before starting a blow dry use a good leave-in conditioner for heat prevention. If you have an oily scalp use a small amount of the product especially if it’s rich.

Starting Of …

When the hair is dried up to 70%, start sectioning the hair in half. The blow-dry shall always start from the bottom working yourself upwards. After the sectioning is done all you have to do is smoothen your hair next. Normally this is how you see a hairdresser holding up a blower to smooth your hair :

Nevertheless, since you will be working on yourself you can try using the same method, however, it may be a bit difficult. So what we like to suggest is using the dour finger method. Using your index finger, your middle finger, your ring finger, and the pinky grab a section and grip on it as tight as you can. Gripping and pulling downwards. With the blower above start smoothing working the blower from roots moving towards the ends. The adjustment of the movement shall be calm. Not too fast and not too slow.

When you see that the hair is looking shiny and smooth change the technique and work with the brush above and the blower below like so:

Keep in mind that the blower shall never touch the hair under any circumstances. This step shall also be repeated a few times until the hair feels soft and silky. We suggest you work over your shoulder, however, it is up to you to figure out the best position to work with. keep repeating these steps until you reach the top of your head ares.

Top Area.

When you have reached the top area the method change. now the easy way is this: start from your bangs. Set them in front of your face and with the brush under the hair in front grip as tight as you can. With the blower above, start blowing from roots to ends. When it feels the nice and silky move to the next section. Now you are working from front to back.

The method is to bring the hair in front of the face for better reach. this method will also create more volume in the hair. When there is no hair left to blow, finish off with some serum if you have dry hair and some anti-frizz. If your hair is in a normal condition some shine would be enough only if you desire. However, avoid serums and shine with the scalp if you have a greasy scalp.

A blow-dry usually lasts up to a week maximum. This depends on the hair. If you have greasy hair or thin hair it might last you for up to 3 days. The more the hair is smoothed the longer the hair lasts. However, then again it depends on how long your scalp remains clean or how long your hair holds

Products Recommendations :

Leave in conditioner for dry hair: Macadamia leave-in conditioner – It adds silky softness and shine. Use on clean, damp hair, apply a small amount to scalp and run through ends. Focus application from mid-shaft to ends and style as usual. This product improves the shine of your hair, imparts silky softness, and Protects you from UV rays.

Leave-In conditioner for extreme frizzy hair: Sexy Hair leave-in conditioner – This product won’t weigh hair down but is able to tame frizzy, unruly, or multi-textural hair. It also has Vitamin K and E these vitamins are also found in coconut oil as this product is infused with coconut oil as well. Apply a small amount to damp hair from roots to ends and blow-dry.

For thin dry hair: Milk Shake Incredible 12 effect leave-in conditioner – The 12 effects are; 1. Repairs all hair types 2. Protects from UV rays 3. It Protects and maintains color 4. Protects from heat 5. Detangles 6. Maintains hairstyle 7. Gives shine 8. Adds body and volume 9. Controls frizz 10.

Prevents split ends 11. Helps in straightening and styling 12. Smoothes the cuticle. This product is good for both hair and skin. It carries in it Vitamin A to repair and slight damage, and strengthen and nourish the hair and skin.

Serum for dry and coarse hair: Macadamia healing oil- Macadamia and Argan Oils transform dull, damaged hair into hair that glows with health and shine. Macadamia and Argan Oils together deliver Omegas 3, 5, 7, and 9 to the hair, giving hair nourishment and health. Healing Oil Treatment instantly absorbs into hair and scalp, infusing moisture, health, softness, protection, control, and shine.

Instant absorption, Natural UV protection, Eliminates frizz and leaves hair ultra-smooth and shiny, it also reduces blow-dry time. so do not worry if you didn’t get your blow-dry on point, especially if you have coarse hair. This serum will definitely be of help. Healthy ingredients you will find in this product are; Macadamia Oil: Omega 7, 5, and 3 fatty acids, argan oil: Omega 9 fatty acids,s, and vitamin E

Serum for frizzy hair: Senscience Serum – Penetrates, seals, and mends split ends while eliminating static and frizz. Resulting in a smooth silky shine.

Serum for thin hair: Sexy Hair Love Oil –  Love Oil is a lightweight, multi-purpose oil that helps provide normal to dry hair with moisture, smoothness, shine, and detangles.  Apply evenly into damp hair & comb through & style as desired. Apply to dry hair to remove any flyaways or frizz. One can also apply this product after the hair is styled and blow-dried.  Enhanced with mimosa flower extract & moonstones, this oil also offers some thermal protection. Usually, we do not suggest that one uses serum before a blow-dry however this product has different ingredients, which make it okay to blow dry.

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