This is a frequently asked question – How to cut my hair at home ? – And we get why as this covid-19 has brought nothing but trouble and fear. Our message is to stay strong and to keep it together. We know that we are all trying to do our best to stay positive and help one another and this is our part. Now we also like to add that this is not a recommended method to do as first option would be a hair salon aka barber shop, however that is impossible right now so for whomever is interested here are some methods that you can follow. Before attempting any hair cuts make sure to follow some other videos and websites, so that you can gain information as much as possible. Wishing you health and luck through these tough times. Let us get into further details.

Faded Hair

Start by washing your hair. You will be working on damp hair, so..

  • Rinse
  • One Shampoo
  • Rinse
  • One conditioner (leave for approx 2 minutes. Best to follow instructions at the back of the bottle)
  • Rinse
  • Towel Dry
  • Start ..

For all those guys who have shaved hair, First thing you have to do is find the number you usually shave with. Start by shaving the back of your head. One can use a small mirror in front of the main mirror to see what he is doing exactly. Now we now that most guys now a days have their hair faded. Therefore when you’re done with the first number and your next part shall be faded, you shall never move to the next solid number. You must have the setting to point five. (If the first adjustment to shave your hair was a solid 1, Next adjustment to blend the fade must me 1.5, and then continue with the number 2.) Usually this is done on the nape area till approximately the crown and the sides. Nevertheless the top area is usually left long and done with the scissors.

How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home - Men
An example of the shaving adjustment.

Top Area

Moving on when the shaving part is done, move to the top area. Decide how short you want your length to be. We suggest that you always cut a bit longer than your desired length. Therefore that way if a mistake is done, it will be easier to arrange by going a bit shorter. When cutting always cut vertically, starting from where you left of with the shaver. That way it can be blended well. What you need to do is follow the scalp’s movement and cut along, following the hair alignment.

How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home - Men
Black Line – Follow The Scalp While Cutting To Blend. (This is very delicate so make sure to follow the hair alignment and be very careful)
Red Line– One Shall Be Cutting Vertically Only
Red Arrows – Use Your Scissors To Cut In An Up Cutting Way.

When Finished with the vertical cutting and all hair are aligned, Cut in an up cutting way. Therefore this is so the hair will not look like a paintbrush, but will be blended as neutral. Nevertheless this is why before we said to keep the length a bit longer than desired. So that while blending in with the up – cutting the hair won’t get shorter cause you will end up hating the length.

Shaved Hair

If you already have really short hair and is going to shave it shorter with the same clipper number. You can do this on dry hair. But really and truly the suggestion will be to wash your hair and work on damp hair. It will hurt less and will be more comfortable to work with. So all you have to do is get a small mirror , choose the number clipper you are working with, get in front of the main mirror, With one hand hold the shaver and with the other hold the mirror. Start shaving. The small mirror is so that you can see what you are doing through the main mirror. This method counts to all the men who are shaving from zero upwards. This method is not for people who fade their hair.

Cutting long hair.

We know that their are stylish men leaving their hair long or extremely long, so the all of the above methods do not count for you at all. You need to start by washing your hair –

  • Rinse
  • Two Shampoos
  • Rinse
  • Conditioner
  • Comb And Leave in For The Recommended Amount Of Time. ( Read instructions at the back of the bottle)
  • Rinse
  • Start

However to Cut such hair you need to section the hair in half. Decide how many inches you need to go short and start cutting above your shoulder. To see that both sides are equal combine the left side with the right side and check them in front of you. The first section shall always to be cut vertically. When moving on to the second section repeat the same steps. However this time cut a bit slanting according to the sides.

This is done so the hair will not look like a paintbrush ends. Keep working like so till you reach the top. Assuming that you have no bangs, put the front bit in front of your face and cut a bit longer than the desired length. This way you have enough length to cut upwards. We use upward cutting to blend in and look as natural as possible. For More information, knowledge and understanding we suggest you take a look Here before cutting your hair. (For men with long hair only)

People with long hair shall always wet their hair before they start cutting. Therefore we eliminate the texture of the hair is heavy to form, Easier to comb and work with.

This information is for valid for all men with all kind of hair type and texture. If in need of extra information or any help at all you can contact us on Reddit Or Twitter.