Ways To Straighten Curly Hair – Hair Trend – Fashion – 2019

Ways To Straighten Curly Hair – Hair Trend – Fashion – 2019

Despite the fact that locks can be beyond beautiful, we all agree that straight hair is easier to handle. Here is how to straight the curly hair.

If one wants to straighten his hair temporarily, one can always try to blowdry it. A straightening iron can help the hair to stay straight longer. But I don’t recommend the straightening iron since it’s direct heat to the hair and it’s very damaging.

Is it the frizz that’s bothering you? If the answer is yes one can apply keratin to his hair. This will get rid of the frizz and smooths the hair. It will also un tighten a bit the curl. But it will easily turn straight with a quick blowdry or even if you just dry your hair 100% . Therefore this depends on your hair’s texture.Keratin treatment lasts up to six months.

Are you sure you want permanent straightening? If so I can suggest straightening treatment. This is very permanent and will straight the curly hair. One can only remove this treatment by cutting the hair. The curls will disappear and therefore you will have Re-new straight hair. This can’t be done more than once therefore it can lead into breakage.

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