Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you can find away of cutting your hair without touching your length ? Of course it would. Especially now during quarantine where everybody is so bored and the little things are bordering us more than anything else. Today will be discussing split ends.

What Are Split Ends ?

For all those who do not know what split ends are, they are those ends in your hair that look white-ish splitting in half. In fact if you grab one piece of hair you can see it splitting in two. That is not okay, A strand shall be a strand meaning a whole. As in one piece. If one decides not to cut these split ends they will keep splitting up towards your scalp. When they are splitting they tend to make the hair frizz. Therefore it weakens the hair cause they are already weakened themselves so it will make the rest of the hair look weak too. They cause dryness and since they are brittle they can lead to breakage. Now this happens if one does not take care of their hair at all meaning no treatments no cuts, nothing.

Taking Care Of Split Ends

Ideally is to cut your hair if you have dry split ends or at least try a treatment first. However there is a way one can kill sometime just by cutting split ends without touching the hair. I bet most students do this in class when they are bored. So here it goes. Have you ever got a strand of hair and wrapped it around your finger? If you ever did you know what we are talking about. However if you never did this, and you try it out, one will notice a lot of split ends will start to pop out while your hair is wrapped around your finger.

How does one get rid of them? Get some scissors and start cutting what seems to be pooping out only. Do not touch the hair that is wrapped tightly with your finger. Split ends are cause due to dryness mostly. Split ends are even caused due friction. Like for example when washing your hair.

Washing hair

One shall not do that while washing the hair. One shall never rub or scrub shampoo with their ends. It’s the scalp that is dirty and that needs to be taken care of. The rest of the hair will get cleaned while rising shampoo of your scalp. If one needs to feel safe and clean, after washing your scalp you can move some excessive shampoo towards the ends without rubbing it together. However this is nor really needed to do.


Pillows can cause split ends too. Its not your fault. while you are in bed tossing around your hair is creating friction with the pillow and it is ending up causing split ends. One can avoid this by changing his pillow covers into silk. To be extra safe is you want, one can also invest in changing all his hair scrunchies into silk. Silk is a soft material that can help your hair to avoid split ends.

Taking Care Of Split Ends

Split ends can also be caused naturally by having excessive heat to the hair due to blow drying, straighteners, exposure to the sun, tangled un-cared for hair or even sea salt from the beach or chlorine from pools.

These are all some issues how split ends are caused. Now we suggest to you that before you cut anything, try applying a hair masque for dry hair. Repair mask if your hair is very brittle. Depends on your situation, but you can figure put which mask you shall use from here. So apply the mask and stay at least over night with it. and it shall feel better as for dryness. We wont say that the split ends will be gone cause that can not be, but the texture will feel better and you will be helping out the ones that will be ready to split, but through the mask they get hydrated and won’t.

How To Cut Split Ends

One shall cut their split ends always on dry hair. never on wet, because on wet hair the split ends will not show. Therefore we will be giving you step by step guideline on how to do this all. After you spent all night with the treatment make sure to rinse your hair well, decide whether you want to air dry it or dry it with a hair blower. After you are done ..

  • Section your hair in half and start from the bottom working yourself up
  • Wrap a strand of hair around your finger tight enough
  • Get some scissors and cut what pops out

And there just by that you will have no more split ends left and you didn’t even touch an inch of hair length. Let us know what you think about this trick on Twitter or Reddit. Have you ever tried it before? Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any information or help. Wishing you health and strength during these though times, from all of us at Queenstostyle.