Hello readers :)! Welcome back to Queenstostyle. As you can see from the title today we will be discussing the no-poo shampoo and conditioner benefits. Why is it used , what difference does it have from a normal shampoo and so on. However that is not all. We will also get to on how to do your own no-poo shampoo at home.

What Is A No-Poo Shampoo?

As many of you know shampoos include a lot of chemicals and unnecessary stuff in them. The word “no poo” Is used to avoid the commercial brands. “no poo” in another word for “no BS needed on my scalp and hair.” People use the no- poo method for many reasons. There are some who think it is unnecessary to spend money on harmful products, others think that the no poo will leave some oils in their hair. Which is great, because you are not meant to strip all of the oils out.

Moreover some may say that they use it for a more healthy and organic lifestyle and use. One must add that experimenting with no poo shampoo is completely harmless. However if you are trying it for the first time, we suggest you take baby steps. Moreover you shall discuss with a doctor first if you suffer from any allergies. Make sure to take the newly bought bottle with you to the doctor or the full recipe you have done, if any allergies occur. Before using the source try testing it out first on your wrist to check for allergies.

Who Can Use The No-Poo Method?

Anyone can use the no-poo method however on some hair textures will work better then other. For instant, Thin hair will get dirty much faster then thick hair. Nevertheless all of you that have thin hair , take it easy. You may wanna wash it more often then the normal shampoo if you are willing to use the no-poo. Therefore try getting rid of the normal shampoo bit by bit. Meaning, in a week use a normal shampoo for one wash and the no poo for another wash on another day in the week.

OR, if you usually wash your hair with two shampoos in one wash you can alternate between the two. Until the scalp sort of gets used to the change. On the other hand for all the ladies with thick or curly hair it will be very much different. As the natural oils that your scalp will provide will end up being absorbed by your own hair. Leaving it looking shiny and less frizzy.

Benefits Of The No-Poo Shampoo

By using no-poo shampoo you will not only be gaining benefits for your own health but also satisfaction of helping the environment too. By using no-poo shampoo you will be gaining :

  • Less Plastic packaging
  • A Production of balanced sebum
  • Hair with more volume
  • Healthier looking hair and scalp
  • Getting rid of artificial ingredients in your source
  • Better and more textured hair

No – Poo Shampoo Recipes

Now, there are various of home made no poo shampoos that one can make. We will be going over a few. However if you are a first in this area, you must try a few recipes first to find the right one for you. This works the same as buying new products, you need to try and test before you can tell if it is good or not for your own. We will start by the most common one.

Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar

Baking soda makes a nice paste that you can work with, whilst apple cider vinegar is meant to add shine for the hair. However vinegar have a tendency to make your hair look dull if you get carried away. Personally we are not very keen about the idea of apple cider vinegar in contact with the hair, as its a natural dry source. Moreover it may disrupt your scalps PH level. It may be a good idea if you try and use this occasionally instead of for every hair wash. As explained, this is great to be used as a no-poo shampoo – PH balance

Mix one or two tablespoons baking soda with one cup of water. The amount of baking soda depends on how you like your paste. massage that through and rinse with water. Use the apple cider vinegar as a rinse to seal the cuticle with shine, softness and silk.

Rye Flour

This source is full of vitamins such as amino acid , Omega -3, B5 and minerals which work great with balancing the scalp level and also promotes hair growth.

Mix one or two tablespoons of rye flour with water until it becomes a runny paste. This time the ammount of rye bread mixed depends on the thickness and length of your hair.For best results work section by section.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is best know for moisture and great scalp benefits. It prevents from lice, dryness and much more. This is our personal favorite ingredient for hair care.

Mix three tablespoons with one tablespoon of baking soda and add water to that. Again, amount may vary on you hair length, paste and texture.


That is right, just water. One can use water as a no-poo wash. However this is not a very effective way. People who use this method tend to use hair conditioner only. However they say that it does not feel as clean, obviously. As products build up stays on the scalp with such washing method. Water will not open the cuticle to cleanse, it is meant to rinse. However you can still give it a try and see how it goes.

Possibly thin hair will benefit better from this water method then thick hair will. Some prefer to use warm water to rinse. This is because warm water relaxed the bodacious gland helping it produce more oil faster. Leaving the hair looking shine and smooth with it’s own natural oils. However it will brittle the ends if you use it often, as it is warm water after all and boiling/hot /warm water usually destroy. Moreover the perspective of why they use warm water makes sense. People also can use cold water, which also will leave the hair looking shiny however, it will produce oil longer then when using warm water. Nevertheless cold water is much more healthier to use on the ends.

No – Poo Conditioner

Now this is a question that gets asked a lot. Is there no – poo conditioners available? Well yes and no. The term of no – poo conditioner is actually used to explain using no shampoo at all (not even no-poo ones) and instead using conditioner only.
The word “no-poo” actually tends to explain a shampoo product with no lather. Therefore a conditioner or a hair mask will never lather. As they are used to seal and moisture not to open cuticles and cleanse.

What Shall One Look For When Buying Conditioner

Easy, there are many, many ingredients that are harmful for the human body which the skin will absorb. Some incredibly dangerous that can also effect breast feeding babies. One needs to try their best and avoid all the sulfates , silicone and all of that promoted as “good” bs. Such ingredients are not good for your health , when the agencies promotes such ingredients as “good” they will be referring as “good” to make the product look “normal”. A product that lathers or that has a very thick texture. Nevertheless just because people all around the world are used to using or seeing something does not mean it is good. Obviously, agencies will promote it as good because obviously is good for them and their business. After all it does earn then tons of money.

How To Use No – Poo Conditioner

It is basically used just like a normal conditioner or mask. One can use their no – poo conditioner with any home-made shampoos of their own, no-poo shampoo recipes or even on just water if you are comfortable with that. The best choice here would be to buy organic mask or conditioner. Preferably for better results one shall stay with the mask or conditioner for a long time. Most effective is over night. Nevertheless one can also make their own hair treatment at home and we will be getting into that.

Home-Made Conditioners


One can crack and whisk an egg well and can use it as pre-shampoo or post shampoo. An egg can help with shine, smoothing and volume. As it gives a silky texture and it is not as heavy. It will surely not lump your hair whatsoever. We personally have tried this ourselves and even suggested it others. There were no extreme complains except for the smell of the eggs. However if you use it as a pre-shampoo, that problem will be automatically taken care of.

Coconut Oil

Now this has to be one of our favorites. You can buy coconut oil from your local store or you can also melt your own coconuts if you prefer. This natural treatment will help a lot with breakage and damages hair. Believe it or not it also prevent lice from the scalp. Which makes you think to use it on kids the night before school. Which is a great idea actually. Think about it, it saves you a lot of trouble.


Mashed avocado is very rich in vitamins. It locks in moisture and hydrates the hair. In fact people with Afro Hair has found this to be very helpful as thee washing routine.


Banana works almost the same as avocado. It is also very rich in vitamins, and it’s texture promotes hydration to the hair. Preventing it from damaging, having split ends and of course, drying. People with both thick hair and thin hair has found this ingredient very helpful.

Sour Cream

This ingredient is usually mentioned to be used on the skin. However it is also great to be used on the scalp. Some of us here also use this ingredient and very frequent actually. Sour cream is very rich in vitamins and amino acid. Sealing the hair with moisture and shine and it also helps it to frizz less.
Tip: If you have a packet of sour cream that went bad, you can still use it it will have the same effects of the good one. Instead of throwing it to waste you can now make a good use out of it. It is an easy and cheap DIY 😉