How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

There are various different type of hair curls and not all curl get cared of the same. Rule number one is to never brush curly hair. When one brushes curly hair it will only separate the hair from forming a one curl to frizz. Rule number two is to always use products to your curls and the right shampoos and conditioners. Rule number three make sure to trim your hair to keep those curls looking fresh and healthy. When the ends are frizzy and full pf split ends the curl will not form. Nevertheless let us have a look on how some style their curls with no trouble.


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

This is a sports, casual look. The hair already have a lot of volume, so in this case a scrunch dry is not necessary. One can wash his hair – shampoo and conditioner, and put some coil up and let it dry on its own, some serum can be added when it is dry or when wet while air drying.


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

Now these curls are not as tight as the first picture we’ve seen. In this case some curl cream was enough to style an stylish hairstyle.


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

You don’t have to wash you’re hair daily to style your curls. If you wash your hair and style it with your daily products, the next day you can refresh with the daily products without washing . In this hairstyle some curl cream was used and one can also leave it to air dry and add some serum. There is no need for a difuser in this case.


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

Beautiful isn’t it? We all love that volume in our hair. To style this look all you need is some mousse, some leave – in and a difuser. Simple :

  • Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner
  • Add Some Leave – in conditioner (for heat protection)
  • Section the hair in half
  • From the bottom start adding some mousse and dry with a difuser
  • Repeat until you reach the top
  • Set your parting
  • And repeat the steps again


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

Too achieve this look all you need is some serum. Simple add serum all over the hair, Get some strands that you really would like to show get some gel and twist the curls around your finger. Let dry and you have styled the fashionable look.


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

Although this adorable look is styled on this adorable toddler, it can also be styled on teens and adults without questioning. Nevertheless is very easy to be styles all you need are some serum and gel.

  • Add some serum to all of the hair
  • Set the bangs in front
  • Add some gel
  • And dry with a difuser


How To Manage Different Type Of Hair Curls

No, a short haircut is not necessary. However a bunch of gel is needed. Let us have a look on how it’s done.

  • Put your hair in a high pony tail
  • Secure with a hair elastic
  • Add gel and scrunch it with your fingers

And one can choose whether to scrunch dry it with a difuser or let it air dry.

One need to keep in mind that most curled hair like we have seen in these pictures is coarse, coarse hair can be naturally dry. Therefore one needs to choose the right products for themselves and need to adapt to their hair. When dealing which such hair make sure to use moisture shampoo and conditioner , a very rich leave – in conditioner and a very rich serum.

When one has normal hair type – one can use shampoos and conditioner for curly hair so that the curl gets defined by such shampoos and conditioners. Continue with the daily products for your hair type.

Also for curls to hold and add volume the hair has to be cut in layers, so that one curl can hold on an other and keep the curl by curl styles as long. However if one does not like volume, the hair can be cut in long layers instead.


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